02 January 2018 / Entertainment Latest

Jan/Feb 2018 Cover Story: Russell Tovey Is Playing Gay And Proud

The actor continues to take on gay roles—and to prove you can have a successful Hollywood career outside of the closet

02 January 2018 / Entertainment Latest

The Most Gag-Worthy Moments From The Cast Of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3

Looking back at the “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” that was brought to the Drag Race stage

02 January 2018 / Entertainment Latest

LGBTQ Canadian Artists To Watch In 2018

A handful of the LGBTQ artists poised to do big things in 2018

02 January 2018 / Latest Life

A Glossary Of LGBTQ Terms You Should Know

Labels matter. So make sure you’re using the right one

01 January 2018 / Latest Travel

Island Pride

The inaugural Caribbean Pride dishes out men, margaritas and mermaids in the Dominican Republic…   Right from the heart-stopping second when I melted into a sweaty, sequence-y hug from one...

01 January 2018 / Latest Life

Hanging Out In The Conservative Closet

Spending time outing ‘closeted’ homophobic right wingers actually does more harm than good for ‘The Cause’…   It’s a tale as old as time: a pro-family (a.k.a. anti-LGBTQ2) politician is...

01 January 2018 / Latest Sex

SEX: 50 Shades Of…What?

BDSM is a growing interest, thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Grey—but what is BDSM?…   Do we have your attention yet? Simply put, BDSM is a variety of...

01 January 2018 / Health & Fitness Latest

Get Healthier Now

5 simple to-do’s to become a healthier you…   Sometimes following all those resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle can seem like a huge task. Committing to working out regularly...

01 January 2018 / Entertainment Flashback Latest

FLASHBACK: Thelma Houston Tops Billboard With “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (January, 29 1977)

“Don’t leave me this way. I can’t survive, I can’t stay alive, without your love. Oh baby, don’t leave me this way”