09 May 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Winds Of Hope

The same wind that blows in toxic fumes of hatred also cleans the air and brings the fragrance of positive change

15 March 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Beat Of Visibility

We want to be seen and heard. No more apologies, this is us

12 January 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Endless Coming Out

Coming out of the closet is a process that never ends – and it has to come at a time of your own choosing

05 May 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Adventure Of Honouring The Pride Legacy

Canada helps newcomers to live in a safer place, but it’s still far from being a paradise because of the systemic barriers… By Luis Augusto Nobre One thing that I...

26 February 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Rainbow Crosswalks Are More Than Symbols

The (sometimes controversial) crosswalks provide an important message about inclusive values… By Colin Druhan When I was in high school in the ’90s, I didn’t have any social media platforms...

07 January 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Question Of The Rainbow Resumé

Should queer and trans job seekers out themselves in job interviews?

We Don't Need Another Hero: What Ellen DeGeneres Taught Me About Queer Leadership

She was my hero. Until she wasn’t… By Colin Druhan When I realized I was queer, one of the things that worried me about coming out was what kind of...

04 January 2019 / Latest Pride At Work

Ready To Serve: Diverse Queer And Trans Involvement On Non-Profit Boards

Our voices need to be heard on all types of boards, not just those that serve queer and trans communities… From St. John’s to Kelowna, Canada is home to more than...

31 October 2018 / Latest Life Pride At Work

My Journey Away From The Acronym

Our focus needs to be on the people – not on the language…   I was facilitating a seminar on effective communication recently with a small group of senior business...

01 September 2018 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Biphobia In Our Own Backyard

People who identify as bisexual face a lot of stereotyping and discrimination…   “I don’t pull out the ‘bisexual’ word because nobody likes the bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on...

25 June 2018 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Taking Pride In Advertising

Successful LGBTQ marketing means 365 days of Pride a year…   Among the rainbow sea of Pride-themed ads and promotional items we are bombarded with every summer, it’s easy to...

01 May 2018 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Flying The Rainbow Flag With Purpose

Where the rainbow flag came from and what it means to fly it with Pride…   “My dearest friend in the world is gone,” wrote prominent HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ+ rights...