February 26, 2024 / Latest Life

IN Community: Get To Know Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Mental Health And Substance Use Services 

These agencies support 2SLGBTQI+ individuals seeking help for mental health and addictions

February 19, 2024 / Latest Life

Do Trigger Warnings Actually Help The 2SLGBTQI+ Community?

If you’re on social media, you already know that trigger warnings are everywhere. But do they actually help people in our community?

February 15, 2024 / Latest Life

The Rekai Centres’ 2SLGBTQI+ Rainbow Wing Seeks Proposals For Visual Transformation

The first dedicated long-term care to support Rainbow Seniors looking for artists or designers to transform the space

February 13, 2024 / Latest Life

Take The Plunge

Should you add cold plunging to your healthy routine?

February 8, 2024 / Entertainment Latest Life

“Together For All,” A Podcast Series That Sounds Like Us! 

Fierté Montréal’s new podcast highlights the realities of queer people across Québec

February 6, 2024 / Latest Life

Self-Love Won’t Save Us

Somehow we have bought into the idea that our outer looks are a sign of our inner morality

February 5, 2024 / Entertainment Latest Life

Maurice Vellekoop Tells His Own Story

In anticipation of his new graphic memoir, I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together, the prolific artist and illustrator sits down with IN Magazine

February 1, 2024 / Latest Life

Then And Now: Black 2SLGBTQI+ Communities In Canada

Honouring history and shining a spotlight on the challenges facing Black 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians today

January 31, 2024 / Latest Life

An Updated Glossary Of 2SLGBTQI+ Terms You Should Know

Labels matter. So check out this updated glossary to make sure you’re using the right one

January 30, 2024 / Latest Life

Finding Love

The author of Excuse Me, Sir! Memoir of a Butch shares her story of love