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The Most Gag-Worthy Moments From The Cast Of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3

Looking back at the “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” that was brought to the Drag Race stage…

By Bradley Baylock

Get ready to lip-sync for your life, because a full roster of past contestants is going wig-to-wig for a third slot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame alongside past champions Alaska and Chad Michaels when the third edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars returns at the top of 2018 on VH1.

From Mimi Imfurst turning a lip-sync into a contact sport to Alyssa Edwards’ entire persona, RuPaul’s Drag Race is filled with gag-worthy moments. Need a refresher before the spin-off competition series returns? Read on for some of the returning queen’s most memorable moments.

(Season 9)
Although many say Aja’s best moment was her outrageous and sinfully beautiful read of Valentina, “You’re beautiful, you’re a model, you look like Linda Evangelista,” there is one other moment that steals the crown. Contrary to popular belief, we think Aja’s top moment isn’t something she said, but her facial expressions throughout Season 9’s reunion show that stole the show. *Cue compilation*

(Season 6)
Much like the Season 5 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jinxx Monsoon, this Seattle queen made a lasting impression with her campy personality. But it wasn’t until her performance as Maggie Smith in the Snatch Game that she stole our hearts. Not only was her makeup executed perfectly, her performance as the Downton Abbey star blew the judges and viewers away.

Chi Chi Devayne
(Season 8)
Gimme a nibble of that chicken neck, girl! Miss Chi Chi Devayne, who made a mark as the cheap queen in Season 8, impressed the judges and her fans by proving to be one of the fiercest performers to hit the main stage. Though it wasn’t until the black and white challenge that Chi Chi fully lost her marbles…literally. Up against Thorgy Thor, Devayne put her heart and soul into her performance, breaking her pearl necklace all over the stage. The jaw-dropping moment saved her from elimination.

Kennedy Davenport
(Season 7)
Known as the dancing diva of Texas, Miss Kennedy Davenport is no stranger to slaying the runway. But this queen sashayed her way to a win in her iconic performance as Little Richard in Season 7’s Snatch Game. Not only was her makeup and acting hilariously on point, but Kennedy snatched the title of the first and only queen to win a Snatch Game dressed as a man.

(Season 6)
She does a body good, girl! Like many queens, Milk found her mark in the drag world post Drag Race, but that wasn’t before leaving a lasting impression on her many fans. As one of Drag Race’s first conceptual queens, Milk served many iconic looks from being pregnant, to dressing as male RuPaul, to walking the main stage with a beard (which later inspired Season 8’s runway challenge).

Morgan McMichaels
(Season 2)
“The Bitch is back.” Known as one of the sassier queens from the series, Morgan has proven, both on and off the show, that she is a force of nature when it comes to lip-syncing. Not only does her dancing rival that of Kennedy Davenport, but her words are tight and her mug is beat. There was no exception during her lip-sync battle against Sonique in Season 2 to Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts,” where she came out on top.

(Seasons 2 and 3)
Now appearing as a contestant on her third season of Drag Race, Shangela is no stranger to the functionality of the show. Along with her oddly addictive catchphrase “Halleloo!” Shangela’s top moment is none other than her fight with Mimi Imfurst in Season 3’s Untucked. After Mimi called her out for having a sugar daddy, Shangela went off on her iconic rant. “I don’t have a sugar daddy. I’ve never had a sugar daddy. If I wanted a sugar daddy, yes, I could probably go out and get one because I am what? Sickening!”

Thorgy Thor
(Season 8)
With her eccentric personality and eclectic style, Thorgy quickly rose to the top as one of Season 8’s fan favourites, but it was her jealousy of Bob The Drag Queen that left the audience gagged. Most likely due to editing, Thorgy seemed to become increasingly jealous and fed up with the wins of her NYC counterpart.

Trixie Mattel
(Season 7)
It’s no surprise that Trixie’s career blossomed post Drag Race, especially since her fans proved loyal after raising an uproar in response to her controversial elimination against Pearl. The beauty school dropout found popularity when she and Season 8 show-mate Katya teamed up for the blissfully funny web series ‘UNHhhh’ (which later was picked up by Viceland TV).

BRADLEY BLAYLOCK is a Toronto-based content creator who’s appetite for Drag Race videos, rivals that of pizza. Find him on Instagram at @bradleyblaylock.

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