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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Our 10 Most Read Articles Of 2020!

Here’s what you were reading this year…

Another year has come and gone, and with it were a bunch of super gay articles that we seriously loved putting together for you. Thank you for reading!

Because we’re all about convenience, we’ve put your ten fave IN Magazine articles in one place, so you can take a look back on what you were reading throughout 2020 with ease… You’re welcome!

Here are the ten most read articles on this year:

10. 30 Years Later Why Madonna’s Vogue Is The Anthem We Need Today

Michele Yeo argued that “Vogue” was THE anthem we desperately needed this year. She was right. We were sitting in quarantine in the middle of a global pandemic… now “Strike A Pose.”

9. Hey, Can I Ask You A Question?
Yes, there is such a thing as a silly question – and no, you don’t need to always answer them… but, Pride At Work’s Colin Druhan argued that you might want to.

8. Organizations Supporting Black Communities In Canada That You Can Support
In June, as demonstrations in support of BLM took place around the globe, Christopher Turner complied a list of Canadian resources for those who want to donate to help fight racism across the country…
[Editor’s note: You should also check out Christopher’s piece on 10 Black LGBTQ Films That Everyone Should Watch, which also ranked pretty high on our most read list]

7. Two Kings Uninhibited: Rick And The Griffopotamus
Earlier this year we spoke to real life couple Rick and Griff Twombley-King (the men behind Rick And The Griffopotamus) from their home in Atlanta. Here’s wha they had to say…

6. Simple Life Lessons From Schitt’s Creek
Schitt’s Creek came to a close in April and you loved these simple stand-out lessons from the much-loved Rose’s, and their Schitt’s Creek community…

5. Spread ‘Em: How To Give A Great Rimjob
We’re not going to tell you what a rim job is, because you already know. But, IN contributor Bobby Box did offer up plenty of tips earlier this year to make you the best ass eater you can be. Think of it as a master class in eating ass.

4. J.K. Rowling’s History Of Transphobia
J.K. Rowling’s stance on trans activism and gender identity dominated the headlines earlier this year. In June, IN contributor Courtney Hardwick tackled Rowling’s history of transphobia and how the author’s attempts to explain herself only made her transphobia more obvious…
[Editor’s note: You should also check out Courtney’s piece on What Is A TERF, Or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist?, which also ranked pretty high on our most read list]

3. Talking Addiction, Recovery, And Lube With Rocco Steele
In February, IN contributor Bobby Box sat down with porn industry legend Rocco Steele to chat about his many businesses, his struggles with addiction, Drag Race, and why he will never bottom on camera…

2. Meet The Cast Of Canada’s Drag Race!
Anticipation for the herstorical first season of Canada’s Drag Race was high and then (finally) in May, IN contributor Christopher Turner introduced the Queens of Canada’s Drag Race

1. What Ever Happened To Tyra Sanchez?
IN contributor and Drag Race fan Bianca Guzzo penned our most read article of the year and took a look back over the 10 years of peaks and falls leading up to Tyra’s retirement.

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