14 November 2022 / Latest Life

Is It Later Than You Think?

We are already late for climate change, Indigenous reconciliation and 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying

04 October 2022 / Latest Life

Misogyny, The Homophobia Nest

Is the news cycle stressing you out?

12 July 2022 / Latest Life

When Will Enough Be Enough?

A reminder that we should be celebrating Pride all year long, because one month simply isn’t enough

09 May 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Winds Of Hope

The same wind that blows in toxic fumes of hatred also cleans the air and brings the fragrance of positive change

15 March 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Beat Of Visibility

We want to be seen and heard. No more apologies, this is us

12 January 2022 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Endless Coming Out

Coming out of the closet is a process that never ends – and it has to come at a time of your own choosing

15 September 2021 / Latest Life

Are You A Good Ally To Yourself?

And by “yourself,” I mean all the other letters in the acronym

05 May 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Adventure Of Honouring The Pride Legacy

Canada helps newcomers to live in a safer place, but it’s still far from being a paradise because of the systemic barriers… By Luis Augusto Nobre One thing that I...

26 February 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

Rainbow Crosswalks Are More Than Symbols

The (sometimes controversial) crosswalks provide an important message about inclusive values… By Colin Druhan When I was in high school in the ’90s, I didn’t have any social media platforms...

08 February 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Through A Lens That Is Their Own: An Interview with Filmmakers Shonna Foster And Bria McLaughlin

Foster and McLaughlin talk about What If We Are Not OK and What If I Am Not Sorry?, a short film in development… By Colin Druhan Photos of Shonna Foster...

07 January 2021 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Question Of The Rainbow Resumé

Should queer and trans job seekers out themselves in job interviews?

22 December 2020 / Latest Life

Our 10 Most Read Articles Of 2020!

Here’s what you were reading this year