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Celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Community

Our 10 Most Read Articles Of 2021!

Here’s what you were reading this year…
Another year has come and gone, and with it were a bunch of super gay articles that we seriously loved putting together for you. Thank you for reading!
Because we’re all about convenience, we’ve put your ten fave IN Magazine articles in one place, so you can take a look back on what you were reading throughout 2021 with ease… You’re welcome!
Here are the ten most read articles on this year:

10. Gold Rush: Chatting With Reno Gold
Social media star Reno Gold is an internet phenomenon who currently pulls in $100,000 a month through his OnlyFans page. Earlier this year he shared a few stories of his fast and furious life with us.

9. The Question Of The Rainbow Resumé
Many queer and trans job seekers ask whether they should out themselves in job interviews. But what if some, most or all of the experience in your application does it for you? What if you have what is called a Rainbow Resumé?
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8. Bilal Baig Is Breaking Boundaries
Baig’s groundbreaking series Sort Of, which deals with the struggles of trying to reconcile all the labels we create for ourselves, premiered earlier this year. We sat down with to talk about life and show for our September/October 2021 cover story.

7. Here Are The 25 Most Followed RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens on Instagram
Wondering which Drag Race Queens are most followed on Insta? We did a little research and ranked the dolls by number of followers.

6. The Conservatives’ First-Ever Trans Candidate Is Refreshingly Pragmatic
Member of Parliament candidate Hannah Hodson is eager to bring new voice to the party.

5. Do All Gay Men Want To Be Mean Girls?
Stop trying to make fetch happen…

4. QUEER CRIME: The Double Life of Herb Baumeister
Suspected of killing up to 20 men, Herb Baumeister was making gay bars his hunting ground long before Bruce McArthur starting using the same MO…

3. QUEER CRIME: How Homophobia Helped 4 Gay Serial Killers Continue To Kill
These prolific serial killers could have been caught sooner if police weren’t so quick to brush off their victims.
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2. Meet Peloton Instructor Extraordinaire Cody Rigsby
IN caught up with Rigsby recently and chatted about everything from how he started with Peloton, to how he picks the music for his classes, to living his life authentically, to activism and social media. Oh…and, of course, Britney.
tory Of The Legendary Drag Queen Tandi Iman Dupree And Her Epic “Holding Out For A Hero” Performance
You’ve seen the clips and the gifs… Here’s the the late Tandi Iman Dupree and her very viral performance of “Holding Out for a Hero” at the 2001 Miss Gay Black America pageant.

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