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Gold Rush: Chatting With Reno Gold

Reno Gold shares stories of his fast and furious life…

By Phil Bessimer

Social media star Reno Gold is an internet phenomenon who currently pulls in $100,000 a month through his OnlyFans page. But it wasn’t all fun and games getting to that level, and the 25-year-old shares some stories with fans via his YouTube channel. “I’m sharing my stories to give people a realistic look into the average life of a full-time sex worker,” he explains. “I tell it how it was, but through a comedic lens. The stories are just way too entertaining for me to keep to myself.”

Gold was raised in a happy Christian home with two parents and two older sisters in sunny Nevada. Due to a learning disability, he was held back in school and put into special education classes. However, he excelled in sports, especially gymnastics, becoming a national champion in tumbling.

He launched his career in the sex industry while still a senior in high school. “I started dancing at local strip clubs,” he reveals, “and quickly found my way to escorting. A stripper is barely scraping by if he’s not escorting.”

According to Gold, some of the strip clubs he performed in were little more than makeshift brothels where guys advertised their wares to potential johns. “I would strip at night and do calls during the day,” he says. “It got to a point where I was basically living in hotel rooms. I was making an insane amount of money, but at the end of the day I was lonely and several times, I found myself in dangerously compromising situations.”

Gold feels no shame in sharing his experiences – in a way, he believes it to be therapeutic. “Sharing my true experiences and laughing at them with my viewers feels good,” he says. “I hope these videos help people who have been through similar circumstances realize they’re not alone and that a little bit of dark humour can turn any situation bright.”

For young people who may be thinking about getting into sex work, he hopes they will watch his videos to make sure the business is something they can handle before jumping into it blindly, as he did.

Aside from the obvious safety dangers, Gold says the biggest hazard that male sex workers face is losing themselves to the glamour of escorting. Because, yes, it can be glamorous. “I have travelled to exotic locations, eaten in the fanciest restaurants, made more money than most doctors, and snorted more blow than Scarface,” he laughs. “It is a very fast-paced life where the money and the sex are flowing! It’s easy to get addicted to it where the only thing that matters is chasing the next big money grab.”

Luckily for Gold, he found his real fortune online. “OnlyFans is safer, more convenient, and has allowed me the opportunity to settle down and live a more balanced life,” he reflects.

A day in the life
A typical day for Gold consists of waking up, hitting the gym, and then working all day creating and distributing content.

Maintaining a successful online page isn’t easy. Gold works feverishly on new content every day to satisfy histhousands of subscribers from around the world. As a one-man operation, he scouts and books locations for his scenes, develops engaging new storylines, arranges wardrobe and toys, and coordinates with photographers for still shot images. “It’s about quantity and quality,” he says. He posts a professional-quality nude picture every day, a 15- to 20-minute solo scene every week, and two duo scenes a month.

He also has to market his OnlyFans page. He promotes his personality with PG-rated content on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, often sharing his likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. It’s another reason he decided to share his personal escorting stories. “I needed something new to talk about,” he admits.

Gold acknowledges that one of his biggest fears is getting older in the sex industry. He is doing everything he can to set himself up for the future. “I’m investing in real estate and renting my properties out,” he says. So far, he has purchased 11 homes, all in cash. “I have enough properties under my belt that I could live very comfortably just off them.”

He plans on remaining in the sex industry for a long time. In fact, he will soon launch his own adult film studio,, where he will direct scenes of other male models, as well as scenes featuring himself. “I hope that over time, as I get older, I will slowly phase out of the scenes and start directing scenes of other performers full-time.”

While he says he will never escort again, he admits it was an interesting time in his life and, in the end, he realizes that sex workers are no different from everyone else. “In business, everyone whores themselves out in some sense.”

To learn more about Reno Gold, visit

PHIL BESSIMER was born in Seattle, raised in Pennsylvania, and now resides in California. His work has appeared in numerous places in print and online including AXS, Examiner, and more. He is a single parent to three cats, and has also worked as an actor, singer and teacher.

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