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Escaping the winter weather? Here’s why Rexall should be your go-to destination before you flee to warmer climates…
By Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi
After the hustle of the holiday season has wound down, all we’re left with is grey-brown snow that is past its Bing Crosby-loving days, frigid temperatures, and the desire to hide out until the spring thaw. Which is why so many Canadians find themselves grabbing their passports and fleeing to warmer climates with the birds.
Preparing for a holiday, however exciting, comes with its own set of stressors. From stocking up on travel essentials (sunscreen, always) to making sure your passport is accessible (and still valid) to getting up to date on your travel immunizations, it can feel overwhelming. Luckily, you can get almost all of your travel prep done in one convenient spot: Rexall. Your local pharmacy is considered a must for all sorts of last-minute travel buys (can’t forget that gum for takeoff and landing), but Rexall is more than just your average drugstore. We’ve rounded up three reasons why it should be your new convenient pre-travel stop.
You can get protected with travel immunizations
Rexall can be a great place to start when you’re in the early days of planning for a holiday, but it is an absolute must once you’re a month or two away from your departure. Pop in to speak to a pharmacist, who can advise on — and sometimes even administer — most travel immunizations* (just like your flu shot), so you can take off feeling comfortable that you’re protected. Your Rexall pharmacist can provide comprehensive information on low-risk travel destinations and let you know which immunizations you need to stay safe while you’re away – everything from hepatitis and measles to cholera and routine vaccinations such as tetanus.
Stocking up on travel essentials is easy
It doesn’t matter if you’re a master of the carry-on or prefer the checked bag route (over-packers, unite!): travel-sized items are an absolute must. Rexall is a quick and convenient stop to stock up on a huge selection of everything tiny and travel-appropriate for your trip, from toothpaste to hair products. Take it one step further and snag those refillable travel-sized bottles and containers, so you know that you’re not only reducing your packaging but are also within the airline’s liquids limit.
You can get the travel advice you need
Not sure what level of SPF you need to bring, or which bug spray is going to keep you protected in tropical locales? Your Rexall pharmacist can help with all of that. Not only can they advise on and administer most travel immunizations*, they can also make sure you know which over-the-counter medications to pack in case your stomach doesn’t agree with the new destination or you have an allergic reaction. Not sure when you need to start your immunizations and travel digestion prep ahead of your trip? Stop by and chat with your pharmacist and you’ll feel prepared with all of the right information – and then escaping the winter weather and enjoying your vacation will be all that’s left to cross off the list.
* Valid prescription may be required. Speak with your Rexall pharmacist for details.


ASHLEY KOWALEWSKI-PIZZI is a Toronto-based writer and editor who has more pink lipsticks, neon Post-its and daily cups of coffee than the average human. When she’s not testing out beauty products, you can find her hanging around the city with her pup Odie. Follow her at @ashkowapizzi.

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