17 January 2020 / Latest Travel

Fogo Island Idyll

Newfoundland and Labrador’s remote inn inspires lively story-telling, culinary reinvention and perfect, homespun hospitality…   By Doug Wallace   “We might not make it,” I say, as our car inches...

15 January 2020 / Latest Life Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice: Breaking The Ice

Do you find it hard to make gay friends? You’re not alone…   By Adam Segal   Dear Adam, I came out three years ago to a few close friends...

14 January 2020 / Latest Style

A Look Into The Future

Get a glimpse at the vehicles that will influence what we drive in the 2020s…   By Casey Williams   As we look to the next decade, many of the...

13 January 2020 / Latest Life Travel

Sweet Jamaica

The land I love sometimes breaks my heart

09 January 2020 / Latest Life

Straight Women Frequenting Queer Spaces: Yay Or Nay?

There are push and pull factors that lead straight women to gay bars

09 January 2020 / Latest Life

Estate Planning Essentials For LGBTQ Couples

There are some important issues that same-sex couples should consider…   By Fraser Abe   Even though same-sex marriage has been legally approved in Canada for 14 years (it was...

08 January 2020 / Latest Style

Stoned-Cold Beauty

In search of the ever-elusive beauty and grooming high, we explore Mary Jane’s infiltration and efficacy in skin care, cosmetics and fragrance…   By Adriana Ermter   Pot, weed, grass,...

07 January 2020 / Latest Life

Queering My Body: On Eating Disorders And Coming Out

Having lesbian representation acts as a protector between me and my urges…   By Emily Norton   TRIGGER WARNING When I was 18, I fell in love. Well, it was...

06 January 2020 / Entertainment Latest Life

Star-Struck: 'Queer Cosmos' Astrologer Colin Bedell

Queer Cosmos astrologer and author Colin Bedell aims for inclusivity, accessibility and acceptance within astrology…   By Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi   “What’s your sign?” used to be considered a terrible pickup...

05 January 2020 / Latest Style

FASHION SPREAD: Snow Patrol (January/February 2020)

Get ready to hit the slopes…or at least look like you’re ready… PHOTOGRAPHER: Ivan OtisCREATIVE DIRECTOR: Paul LangillHAIR AND MAKEUP: Julia ValenteSTYLISTS: Fredsonn Santos Silva, Lacey Elizabeth and Kahmeelia SmithASSISTANT STYLIST:...

03 January 2020 / Entertainment Latest Life

Miss Moço Is Serving Businesswoman Special 24/7

We chat with Toronto’s brunch-queen-meets-entrepreneur about the local drag scene, starting a business, and Toronto’s hunger for drag brunch…   By Bianca Guzzo   You can feel the personality that...