26 May 2022 / Latest Life

Eat More Sustainably

7 ways to eat more sustainably that’ll boost your health, too… By Karen Kwan You can make a difference for the planet with the choices you make in what you...

16 May 2022 / Latest Life

Do Gay Men Really Give a Damn About Giving Blood?

One can’t help but question if these men truly want to save lives, or are simply self-victimizing to get attention

04 April 2022 / Latest Life

Be Your Own Health Advocate

Take these five steps to advocate for yourself

19 January 2022 / Health & Fitness Latest Life

The Down-low On Adaptogens

What are they, and should you be adding them to your diet?

31 December 2021 / Latest Life

My HQ, My Health

A conversation about STI and HIV testing, and the new community health hub for cis guys who are into guys, and all trans and nonbinary people in Toronto

02 December 2021 / Latest Life

Learn How To Say No

No. Non. Nein. No matter what the language, knowing how to say no is one of the most valuable life skills you can learn… By Karen Kwan With the holidays...

04 November 2021 / Latest Life

Canada Is Not Doing Enough To Support Gay Men’s Mental Health

There’s a mental health crisis within the gay community

08 October 2021 / Latest Life

Get Social

Does venturing out to socialize post-pandemic seem daunting? This expert advice will help

16 August 2021 / Latest Life

Must Eat: Fermented Foods

Five fermented foods to add to your diet… By Karen Kwan From the health nut in front of you in the lineup at the grocery store who has their cart...

12 May 2021 / Health & Fitness Latest Life

Juicy Fruit: Can You Get Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Is it possible to eat too much fruit… By Karen Kwan Every morning as I throw a pile of fruit into my blender, or eat peach after peach in the...

26 March 2021 / Latest Life

Drink Less

Expert advice on how to cut back on alcohol… By Karen Kwan There’s nothing like cracking open an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, or kicking back with...

25 March 2021 / Latest Life Style

Rexall’s Commitment To Inclusion And Diversity

Caring for Canadians’ health…one person at a time… Rexall recently launched Inclusion and Diversity Networks are ensuring a supportive place for their employees, as well as a comfortable place for...