March 25, 2021 / Latest Life Style

Rexall’s Commitment To Inclusion And Diversity

Caring for Canadians’ health…one person at a time… Rexall recently launched Inclusion and Diversity Networks are ensuring a supportive place for their employees, as well as a comfortable place for...

January 14, 2021 / Latest Life

How Rexall Can Make Your Life Easier

Every little convenience counts

November 11, 2020 / Latest Life

Flu Shot Safety During COVID-19: What You Need To Know

This year, more than ever, we need to help  protect our loved ones – so get the flu shot… We are entering a flu season unlike any other. With cooler...

September 8, 2020 / Latest Life

Get Organized With Rexall’s New Health & Wellness Rewards Program, Be Well™

Keep better track of your wellness journey, and earn points on purchases

July 17, 2020 / Latest Life

Rexall's Journey Towards Inclusivity

How a Canadian company is celebrating – and promoting – diversity

April 29, 2020 / Latest Life

Managing Your Loved One's Medication

Tips for caregivers… A caregiver provides support to someone in their lives, whether that be a young child or an aging parent, who has a chronic illness, an injury, or...

February 26, 2020 / Latest Life

Getting To Know All The Ways Your Pharmacist Can Help You

They’re there for you in more ways than you think

December 30, 2019 / Latest Life


Escaping the winter weather? Here’s why Rexall should be your go-to destination before you flee to warmer climates…   By Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi   After the hustle of the holiday season...

October 30, 2019 / Latest Life Style

Dry Spell

With the dry winter air attacking your skin, here’s how to update your skincare routine for the season…   By Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi Brought to you by Rexall   While there...

August 28, 2019 / Latest Life

Flu Season Is Just Around The Corner

Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting the flu shot…   The last thing you want to get is the flu – really. You can protect yourself and your...

August 1, 2019 / Latest Life

Bring Your Old And Unused Medications To Rexall For Safe Disposal

August is National Drug Drop-off Month…   Brought to you by Rexall   Medications are a vital part of our lives, and they play an important role in treating various...

May 1, 2019 / Latest Life

This Kit Saves Lives

What you can do in the face of Canada’s opioid crisis… Brought to you by Rexall Opioid related deaths have rapidly increased across Canada. In a short 2 ½ year...