24 March 2020 / Latest Style

Vintage SUVs Command High Prices, Celebrity Allure

The Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2020 auction in January resulted in US$141 million in total sales…   By Casey Williams   Every generation has its vintage car addiction. For the World War...

23 March 2020 / Latest Life Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice: Commitment Issues

He’s ready to commit. I’m not so sure

18 March 2020 / Latest Style

Looking Good: The Name Game

With a rise in feel-good, do-good beauty and grooming product monikers like “Genius Sleeping Collagen,” “Fresh Balls” and “Swagger, Red Zone,” how do you know when to buy, apply and...

17 March 2020 / Latest Life Travel

Key Lime Guy

A road trip down Overseas Highway to Key West nets the freshest fish, naked pool boys, pesky pelicans and sublime sunsets. The pie’s not bad either…   By Doug Wallace...

16 March 2020 / Latest Life

You Gotta Have Faith

Sexuality and spirituality don’t have to be mutually exclusive

13 March 2020 / Latest Life Style

The Lost History Of The Leather Harness

It has no documented history, so IN spoke with experts and consulted the archives to trace the lineage of one of gay culture’s most popular garments

12 March 2020 / Latest Life Style

A Brief History Of Leather And The Gays

Give to me your leather, take from me my gays

11 March 2020 / Entertainment Latest Life

Slang: Daddy’s Home

The rise of the silver-haired gent…   By Fraser Abe   Father’s Day may be June 21 this year, but Daddy’s Day? That’s year-round, baby. The rise of the daddy...

09 March 2020 / Latest Life

Meet Olivia Limehart Sky, Winnipeg's Youngest Drag Queen

Being a great performer runs in both her families…   By Al Donato   If watching Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors death-dropping is on your bucket list, you...

06 March 2020 / Latest Life

Hangover Helper

You only have yourself to blame for your hungover state. Now, here’s how to fix how awful you’re feeling…   By Karen Kwan   You wake up in the morning...

05 March 2020 / Entertainment Latest

Merce: Positively Gleeful

Merce, the HIV+ musical comedy series, returns for a second hilarious season…   By Sean Larkin   Charles Sanchez keeps a framed Wheaties box featuring Greg Louganis in a Speedo...