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Matty Maggiacomo

Get Moving

Peloton instructor Matty Maggiacomo shares his top tips for making fitness a part of your routine…

By Karen Kwan

We all know we should be keeping active daily, but finding that motivation and getting off the couch can be challenging some days. So how can you face each workout with a positive attitude? We checked in with Peloton instructor Matty Maggiacomo for his expert tips. As someone who didn’t grow up loving fitness but is now one of the world’s top trainers (and he’s got a super optimistic outlook, too), Maggiacomo’s got the insight that’ll get you on your way to a balanced, healthy active lifestyle.

How to get off that couch to work out

When you’d rather watch the next episode of Succession rather than change into fitness gear and hit the gym, taking that step can feel insurmountable. Maggiacomo says he thinks there are two types of people: the folks who are innately athletic and just love to do it, and the people who need to train both to actually do it and to learn to love it. “It’s like learning a new language,” he says. And, he adds, you need to find what you love. “If you didn’t love eating broccoli, why do you eat broccoli every day? Nobody’s gonna do that!” Maggiacomo recommends trying different sports and activities until you find what you love. “We often think we need to suffer or hate it in order to excel, but you just need to find your path.”

How to cross-train when you’re only love one type of workout

You’ve found the workout you love, but we all know it’s important to cross-train. When it comes to incorporating the workouts you’re not fond of, Maggiacomo says it’s all about dipping your toe into these other types of fitness. Explore other activities and take your time with figuring it out, he says. “Sometimes it might be a really good instructor.” Perhaps you tried hatha yoga with one teacher and found it dull; another instructor might make all the difference for you. Maggiacomo says you have to tap into that perseverance to establish a foundation. “Maybe you’re not stretching right after a run, but you can do a few stretches before going to bed, for example,” he says.

How to make sure you work out on a regular basis

Find an accountability partner. Even Maggiacomo has a few accountability partners. “Find somebody you really love to work out with. ‘Tomorrow morning, we are waking up and we are going to run together!’” he says. He says encouraging each other is a great way to set both of you up for success. He also recommends having your workout clothes and shoes ready so you’re staring at them as soon as you wake up. He admits he feels guilty if he’s looking at the Peloton hardware at home and not using it. One of Maggiacomo’s accountability partners? His mom. “She’s always asking me when I’m working out!”

How to keep your body happy

You can take rest days. There are days Maggiacomo just isn’t feeling like working out. “I listen to my body and I take a full day. You need to have your rest days!” 

How to make workouts interesting

You might find you’ve fallen into a rut with your fitness. Keep trying new workouts to keep things interesting – Maggiacomo says trying a workout at home can be an easy way to discover new-to-you classes. “I didn’t know I liked barre until I took barre classes on Peloton. Before, I wouldn’t have gone to a barre class on my own, but now that I know what it’s all about, I would totally go on my own,” he says.

KAREN KWAN is a freelance health, travel and lifestyle writer based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter @healthswellness and on Instagram @healthandswellness.

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