June 6, 2023 / Latest Life

What No One Tells You About Being A Middle-Aged Gay

Embracing aging as a gay man can be an overwhelming and liberating experience

May 31, 2023 / Latest Life Style

Weight For It

The five “Feel good, look good and, well, be good to your body” benefits of the weighted blanket

May 30, 2023 / Latest Travel

Building A Local LGBTQ+ Travel Itinerary With Grindr

Beyond finding “fun,” Grindr’s global network of 12 million monthly users can offer local LGBTQ+ recommendations and experiences for hundreds of destinations – you just need to explore… By Stephan...

May 25, 2023 / Latest Life

Is AI Facial Recognition Trans-Inclusive?

Does AI, specifically facial recognition, fail to recognize transgender people, or misgender them? And, if so…what needs to be done to fix it?

May 23, 2023 / Latest Travel

Niagara Falls Weekend Away

A couple of nights riding the current in the Honeymoon Capital of the World is a barrel of fun, pardon the pun

May 22, 2023 / Latest Life

Personal Accountability In A Toxic Self-Care Culture

While the practice of self-care and mental health treatment has traditionally played a vital role in human development, the contemporary culture of commercialized therapeutic treatments is problematic…

May 19, 2023 / Entertainment Latest

It’s Open Season On Cazden Hunter

We catch up with the adult film star

May 18, 2023 / Latest Life Pride At Work

The Essence Of Being Rainbow Communities

Queer people owe a lot to trans communities and activists for their leadership in the liberation movement

May 16, 2023 / Latest Life

Serving All Pathways To Parenthood

All fertility journeys are unique

May 15, 2023 / Latest Life

Intersectionality: The Key To Fighting Hate Crimes Against Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

We can no longer accept a system that refuses to accommodate the fullness of the people it is meant to serve

May 12, 2023 / Entertainment Latest

The Five Devils Gives Queer Romance and Family Secrets a New Perspective

The new French film from acclaimed director Léa Mysius takes time travel and family drama to new heights this year… By Matthew Creith “I love you mom…more than anything else.”...