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Rexall’s Commitment To Inclusion And Diversity

Caring for Canadians’ health…one person at a time…
Rexall recently launched Inclusion and Diversity Networks are ensuring a supportive place for their employees, as well as a comfortable place for their customers and an open environment for their patients. Hear more from Rexall on their critical commitment to inclusion and diversity.
What are Inclusion and Diversity Networks (IDNs)?
Inclusion and Diversity Networks (IDN’s) are a network of employees who are interested in a common theme or topic, and wish to share resources, activities, discussions, events and information about that theme or topic with participating colleagues at Rexall’s parent company, McKesson Canada and their Canadian enterprise of organizations (Well.ca and Claimsecure). IDNs help create an inclusive and diverse workplace by providing equity-seeking groups a formal structure within an organization to support their unique needs. Their main goal is to provide a space and place for people of similar backgrounds or interests to come together, share ideas, address potential gaps and support action. We’ve embarked on the journey of launching the following four IDNs:

    ASPIRE: Empowering our diverse BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) workforce to aspire to reach its full potential
    OPEN: (stands for Open the conversation & celebrate, Promote equality, Exposure and education and Networking) Advancing LGBTQ2+ and ally employee inclusion to strengthen McKesson
    ABILITY: Empowering and connecting people with disabilities and caregivers
    OWN IT: Outstanding Women Networking, Inspiring and Taking charge (OWN IT is already live within McKesson Canada; we’re extending it to Rexall, Well.ca and ClaimSecure)
    Furthermore, IDNs will provide professional development and growth opportunities, aid in the recruitment and retention of quality employees, support diversity awareness activities, and serve as a volunteer resource for relevant, positive events in local communities.
    Why did we decide to create IDNs?
    At our first-ever Inclusion and Diversity town hall in June 2020, which was hosted by McKesson, we committed to doing our part to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace at McKesson Canada and their subsidiaries. We are taking action on that commitment by launching IDNs that are relevant to our diverse workforce, and in line with the ERGs that currently operate within McKesson in the US.
    The IDNs that we are launched are meant to serve as a starting point to get our McKesson in Canada enterprise community thinking about inclusion and diversity, and where their interests lie. We will follow the lead of our employees and listen to their needs. We are actively listening and will ensure that employee needs are met with regard to IDNs.
    What is the commitment to the IDNs and, specifically, to the LGBTQ community?
    By joining our IDNs, our employees have the chance to share experiences and build support networks that can stay with them for a lifetime. Our teams become a part of a group that creates positive change and growth inside and outside of McKesson and the enterprise. Employees have the opportunity to unlock new ways of developing their personal and professional potential.
    Our structure includes an Executive Sponsor, an esteemed member of our Executive Leadership Team who is empowered to advocate, support and champion the IDN they are aligned to. Some of our leaders share the same diversity characteristics as the IDN, and some are allies of the IDN.
    Specifically, to the LGBTQ community: Our OPEN IDN is an empowering network and resource for LGBTQ people in the McKesson enterprise. The team advocates on behalf of and supports the LGBTQ community, and educates the organization, its customers, partners and communities by promoting an inclusive environment and through a diverse talent base.
    How is the new IDN empowering BIPOC?
    Our ASPIRE IDN aims to develop an inclusive and safe environment for those in the BIPOC community through education, allyship, and promotion of diverse talent and ideas across all corporate levels of McKesson Canada. Through ASPIRE, BIPOC and their allies will have the courage and support to challenge the norms and create lasting change.
    What does Rexall and the rest of the enterprise hope to achieve through these initiatives in 2021?
    Having self-awareness about our own journeys and being okay with some discomfort as we learn and grow will help us to seize this moment, where there has never been so much focus and support for inclusion and diversity, to create sustainable change.
    As we launch IDNs in Canada now, we have the opportunity to chart our journey and blaze our own trail.




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