October 12, 2021 / Latest Style

The Soap Wars

Bar soaps have been making a comeback

October 8, 2021 / Latest Life

Get Social

Does venturing out to socialize post-pandemic seem daunting? This expert advice will help

October 5, 2021 / Latest Style

FASHION SPREAD: Intricate Prints (September/October 2021)

Beautiful designs and opulent fabrics pay homage to East Asia this season

October 4, 2021 / Latest Style

From Fashion To Trail, Cars Express Their Colours

Connecting one of the most iconic scenes in The Devil Wears Prada to the automotive industry

October 1, 2021 / Latest Life

LGBT History Month: A Celebration Of Our History

Reflections from a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community who was given a second chance

October 1, 2021 / Latest Life

Mois de l’histoire LGBT : Une célébration de notre histoire

Réflexions d’un membre de la communauté LGBTQ2S+ à qui l’on a donné une deuxième chance… Par Elton McDuffus Présenté par Fido tory/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Cliquez ici pour lire cet article en...

September 30, 2021 / Travel

In Love With Lyon

In the undisputed gastronomic capital of the world, I eat as much and as slowly as possible, savouring every second

September 24, 2021 / Latest Life Sex

The Sacred Camaraderie Of Fuck-Buddies

Some people are frankly not ready to be in a serious relationship

September 23, 2021 / Latest Life

When You Dare To Dream Bigger Than "Preference"

It’s obvious that racist attitudes in love and sex are rooted in structural racism, and yet people tend to (and maybe prefer to?) personalize it: “Oh, it’s just my preference”

September 21, 2021 / Latest Life

Canada Is A Leader In LGBTQ Rights Advocacy – But It Could Be Doing A Lot More

There is a lot to be proud of, but there is still plenty of room to do more

September 20, 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Six Songs To Add To The Playlist For Your Best Gay Life

Discover life lessons in the song titles of iconic pop divas