26 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

I Love the Way Your Foul Little Mind Works: The Queer Iconography Of Cinematic Villains

How the LGBTQ+ community has reclaimed queer-coded villains

25 January 2023 / Latest Life

Colouring The Blank Pages

Only you can find the strategy that best suits your path and pace towards the best version of yourself

23 January 2023 / Latest Life

Do Gay People Actually Know How To Talk? An Investigation

While slang and lingo serve as a cornerstone for creating a sense of community among queer individuals, it grows increasingly questionable as to who truly understands this language and who is simply regurgitating what they see online

17 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

The Books That Helped Me Figure Out Modern Queer Life

A list of books that helped shape my ideas about LGBTQ2+ culture, desires and life

16 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

8 New Queer Movies Coming Out In 2023 That We Can’t Wait To See

Here are some of the films that you just have to see this year

12 January 2023 / Latest Life

Be An Ally For PLHIV This New Year

We talk to activist Christian Hui and Dr. Mona Loutfy about how Canadians can be allies and support the community of those living with HIV

11 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

Why You Need To Add CMAT To Your 2023 Playlists

Irish teen pop sensation has taken the world by storm with her beautiful vocals and witty lyricism

10 January 2023 / Latest Life

Taking Collective Action To Combat Hate Crimes

Canada’s largest 2SLGBTQI+ network is leading communities in the drive to do what we have always done – take care of one another

09 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

Getting To Know Sugar High’s Adam Fox

We sit down with the openly gay actor to chat about coming out, role models, his first acting gig, the upcoming TV show, and much more

05 January 2023 / Latest Life

2023: Fresh Starts

Tap into that extra motivation you’ve got kicking off this new year and live your life a little bit better

04 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

Robert Watson Is All About Queer Joy

We talked to the Toronto comedian about hosting Gay AF, his new comedy album and what’s next for him

03 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

January/February 2023 COVER STORY: Year Of The Aviance

Queer icon Kevin Aviance on his extraordinary past and epic future