17 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

The Books That Helped Me Figure Out Modern Queer Life

A list of books that helped shape my ideas about LGBTQ2+ culture, desires and life

24 November 2022 / Latest Life

Party And Play

Party drugs have, in some ways, become an anxious fissure through many modern gay communities

30 June 2022 / Latest Life

Black And Queer Histories Merge In Oluseye Ogunlesi’s Playful Universe

An interview with the Nigerian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto

08 March 2022 / Entertainment Latest Life

Reading MM: How Gay Romance Scratches An Itch For Straight Women

Taking a look at women who write gay male romance novels

07 January 2022 / Latest Life

Staying Gay IRL In The Metaverse

In some countries, staying in the metaverse is a way of avoiding assault and harassment…but it will never provide the serendipity that makes life exciting… By Paul Gallant It was around midnight...

02 September 2021 / Latest Life

Social Media Has Made Us Blunter Talking About Sex, But Also More Lighthearted

TikTok has introduced a new nonjudgmental, conversational style for sexuality… By Paul Gallant I knew the short-video social media app TikTok was doing something weird to the culture when I...

29 April 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Gurl, You Better Speak The Queens’ English

Chloe Davis’s new book is a celebration of the creativity of queer culture

23 February 2021 / Latest Life

Covid Judging

Getting over getting “over it”… By Paul Gallant For decades, gays have been known for craftiness with hair, makeup, fashion and décor. In the digital age, gays have also demonstrated...

19 January 2021 / Latest Life

How The Healthcare System Is Still Failing LGBTQ People

Some professionals don’t understand us well enough to do a good job taking care of us

28 October 2020 / Latest Life

The Trouble With Labels

There’s a power in naming things and in not naming things

27 July 2020 / Latest Life Pride 2020

How Much Hope Do We Have Left?

Let’s take a minute and evaluate our sense of “hope”… By Paul Gallant The word “pride” is usually defined along the lines of “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction...