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ABOVE: Jess King, Adrian Williams, Ross Rayburn and Callie Gullickson

Get Healthy Like A Peloton Instructor

Tips and a little advice from Jess King, Adrian Williams, Ross Rayburn and Callie Gullickson

By Karen Kwan

Have you ever been in the middle of a Peloton workout and coveted the instructor’s fit and healthy lifestyle? Here’s the thing: you can get healthy like a Peloton instructor. Although they seem like fitness superheroes, their healthy habits are simple, and you can easily adopt these habits as your own. Take a peek into how Peloton superstars Jess King, Adrian Williams, Ross Rayburn and Callie Gullickson approach their active lifestyles, and get set to give your routine a healthy revamp.

Create a morning routine

Having routines can help you carve out time in your day and decrease stress. Establish one to improve your mornings – having a good routine helps to set your energy and mood for the day, says Callie Gullickson. She recommends staying off your phone first thing in the morning, as this will help eliminate stress and distraction that can then creep into your day. Another great habit to include in your routine? Make your bed right away. “You’ll feel accomplished and kick-start your work ethic for the rest of the day,” she says. Lastly, Gullickson suggests drinking a glass of water to hydrate your body and mind.

Plan your workout outfit

Wondering how the outfit you choose impacts your healthy routine? Jess King likes to plan out her outfits for each workout in advance; while this may seem a minor detail, feeling strong and confident in her look allows her to feel confident and strong in her workout. “I like to match the mood, too. If the ride or run is interval based or HIIT, I typically wear a monochromatic set with a high-impact sports bra and my hair braided and out of my face,” she says. Alternatively, if the workout is all about the party and having fun, you may have noticed that King wears bright colours (“most likely something that sparkles,” she says), and has her hair in a high pony so she can whip it around. 

Get enough sleep

“I take my sleep very seriously. I’ve noticed that not only my physical but mental state benefits from rest and recovery,” says Gullickson. She gets about eight hours a night, and swears that it allows her to show up the next day with a clearer mindset and more productive mood.

Be in the right mindset

When doing a Peloton workout, you’ll often hear the instructors reminding you of what a great job you’re doing. Make it a practice to add affirmations to your workouts yourself, says Ross Rayburn. “Before, after and even during. It can be very simple like ‘Life is a gift,’ or ‘I’m determined to thrive.’”

Have fun

“Fitness looks so different for all of us. Finding the workout that is right for you mentally, physically and emotionally is important,” says Adrian Williams. Are you in complete misery during a run? Try another cardio workout instead. Williams adds that Peloton offers so many modalities, you’re sure to find something you love, whether you’re there for the music, the message or a great workout. In fact, when it comes to fitness, Williams believes it should be fun first and fitness second. “If you enjoy the way movement makes you feel, your body remembers that joy and craves it. If you’re new to fitness, find the workout that gives you confidence and let that be the initial motivator.” he says.

Schedule your workouts in your calendar

“Knowing when your workout will happen alleviates the stress of when or how your workout will take place so your mind can focus on other things during the day,” says King. Her own schedule fluctuates, so that means her workout schedule fluctuates as well. “I find what is most helpful is not waiting until the day of to figure it out, but planning out my workouts for the week ahead by Friday and blocking them out in my calendar,” says King. “My workouts are non-negotiable, and I do everything I can to protect them from meetings and other responsibilities.” For King, her sweet spot is between 10:30 am and 3 pm. “While that may or may not happen, the workout will.” Figure out what your sweet spot is.

Have a snack before you exercise

Do you find that you want something small to eat before you work out? Gullickson says you should listen to your body. She finds she craves a little something before moving her body. Her go-to snacks? Avocado toast, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal or some fruit. Pay attention to what snacks work best for you. “I’ve learned what works for my body and what gives me just the right amount of energy to get the most out of my workout,” she says.

Give yourself a break if you need it

Often, we beat ourselves up if we miss a workout. But Rayburn says it’s okay to miss a day or two, and admits that he has days when he just doesn’t feel like working out. If he’s had an active week, he gives himself permission to skip his workout. He also admits that he can “phone it in” occasionally. “I’ll do a very short, easy workout or yoga practice, and make sure to tell myself that was the perfect choice!” he says – so even Peloton instructors aren’t always feeling it. What is key is to be kind to yourself and your body. It helps, Rayburn adds, to have a turbo workout constructed for yourself – one that covers a few different body parts, which you can get through quickly. “Use this workout – whether it’s yoga, strength, cardio or a combination – as a default on days you want to work out but aren’t feeling motivated. It can be a great way to stay consistent,” he says.

Plan for rewards that will motivate you

For some people, the reward might be a spa treatment, new workout clothes or a glass of wine. For King, it’s the results of a tough workout she finds rewarding, and instead of thinking of rewards, she looks forward to recovery. “Feeling confident and strong are the ultimate for me, and a hot Epsom salt bath, a nutrient-dense meal, a personal training session and eight hours of sleep are a delicious reward after a solid day of training,” she says.

KAREN KWAN is a freelance health, travel and lifestyle writer based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter at @healthswellness and on Instagram at @healthandswellness.

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