06 July 2022 / Health & Fitness Latest Life

Get Healthy Like A Peloton Instructor

Tips and advice from Jess King, Adrian Williams, Ross Rayburn and Callie Gullickson

04 January 2021 / Latest Life

Meet Peloton Instructor Extraordinaire Cody Rigsby

Expect to hear “is the wig still awwwwwn?” at least once a class… By Christopher Turner The COVID-19 pandemic has seen demand for at-home fitness explode, as gyms and fitness studios have...

28 May 2020 / Latest Life

Picking A Protein Powder

Finding the right protein supplement for your goals… By Karen Kwan Step into the protein powder section of a vitamin store and the vast wall of oversized containers is enough...

12 March 2019 / Latest Life

Ready For Blast-Off

Four fat-blasting exercises to add to your workout routine… By Karen Kwan With the variety of workouts out there, what are the best fat-burning exercises you can do to quickly tone and...

28 August 2018 / Health & Fitness Latest

Call It A Comeback

5 tips on getting back in the game after a sports injury…   When you’re an athlete, your focus on gains and your competitive streak is such a part of...

01 November 2017 / Health & Fitness

Fitness Fails

5 reasons you’re not seeing results from your workouts…   By Karen Kwan   There’s GTL, but you’re more GGG. So how is it that you’re at the gym regularly...

01 September 2017 / Health & Fitness


Stuck in a rut? This fall is a perfect time to refocus your life and create a new you By Karen Kwan   With fall comes an opportunity to make...

31 May 2017 / Health & Fitness


So you’ve decided to give this workout a try… By Karen Kwan   We’ve all seen those CrossFit epic fail videos all over the Internet: people dropping heavy dumbbells on...