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Managing Your Loved One’s Medication

Tips for caregivers…
A caregiver provides support to someone in their lives, whether that be a young child or an aging parent, who has a chronic illness, an injury, or a physical or cognitive condition.
Providing the best possible care and support to a loved one can be stressful and time-consuming, but Rexall pharmacists can support caregivers like you through services designed with care in mind. Rexall’s Medication Management tools can help simplify caregiving, as they are:
– helpful and easy to use
– customized and designed to meet the specific needs of your loved one

Your Rexall pharmacist can help. Here’s how:
Med Organizer
Are you trying to ensure your loved one takes the right medication at the right time? Rexall’s Med Organizer is a convenient pack and helpful tool to ensure that people always take their medications as prescribed by their physician. The Med Organizer is a card with a total of 28 foil-covered bubbles or ‘blisters,’ with four blisters (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime) for each day of the week; the blisters are filled with the person’s medications based on the days and times as prescribed by a physician. All your loved one needs to do, based on the time of day, is to push through the foil seal to get the medication they need to take.
Additionally, if you are accompanying your loved one to their medical visits or on other trips, the Med Organizer is a convenient way to travel with their medications. During an emergency, it also outlines all their medications in an organized manner, for emergency healthcare providers to have the information necessary to help.
Auto Refill & Rexall Reminder
Your Rexall pharmacy remembers to refill your loved one’s medications when they are due, so you don’t have to. When you enroll in Auto Refill, your Rexall pharmacy will automatically refill the medication when it is due and before it runs out, so you’ll never miss a refill. Additionally, when you sign up for Rexall Reminder, your Rexall pharmacy will conveniently notify you via text, email or phone call to let you know the medication is ready to be picked up.
Medication Review
A Medication Review can help you better understand your loved one’s medication therapy and ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed. A Medication Review provides you the opportunity to sit down with your Rexall pharmacist and your loved one, to review all their medications. Your Rexall pharmacist will determine if each medication is right for your loved one and is being taken appropriately, and will also answer any questions or concerns you both may have. Additionally, your Rexall pharmacist will safely dispose of all old, expired or unused medications for you.
Medication Dashboard
Ensure that your loved one is getting the most out of their medications with Medication Dashboard. This is a personalized log of all medications that are taken regularly. With the Medication Dashboard, your Rexall pharmacist can work with you and your loved one to identify any gaps in refills and develop a plan to help them stay on course with their medication therapy.

If you have questions, visit www.rexall.ca or stop by your local Rexall to speak with your pharmacist about how they can help make caregiving simpler.





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