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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Rexall's Journey Towards Inclusivity

How a Canadian company is celebrating – and promoting – diversity…

By Courtney Hardwick

An inclusive workplace is one that actively creates an environment that encourages people to bring perspectives, contribute, and be appreciated for all aspects of their diversity. From internal operations to the way a company engages with its community, there are many ways an organization can work to become more inclusive – and it’s always an ongoing journey.

Two years ago, Rexall began its journey in earnest. Committed to improving its company culture for the LGBTQA+ community in particular, Rexall has launched a number of initiatives in support of its vision to “build an inclusive culture of belonging, openness and respect to enable our employees to bring their all every day.”

A company assessment with Pride at Work has helped Rexall identify opportunities to improve and better support the LGBTQA+ community. From reviewing company policies to investigating new training events for employees on topics such as understanding the importance of using correct pronouns, Pride at Work has helped shine a light on what Rexall is doing right and where they should focus their efforts for positive change.

Genuine inclusivity doesn’t happen overnight and in an ever-evolving world, the work is never really done. Internally, Rexall is working on engaging employees in conversation and providing opportunities for them to share their experiences, from struggles and triumphs to stories of allyship. This culture of acceptance and openness will help cultivate a happier workplace for everyone and attract the best talent for future roles.

Rexall is also dedicated to showing their support to the communities their stores are a part of. Last year, members of the executive team and employees from the store level participated in Pride Toronto with a booth outside the Church and Wellesley location, and volunteers from the Rexall family also took part in the Ottawa and Sudbury Pride festivals. This year, Rexall was part of Toronto Pride’s first-ever virtual parade, and they plan to participate in Pride festivities in more cities across Canada in upcoming years.

During last year’s Pride Month, Rexall raised over $25,000 for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) through in-store donations, and they plan to continue highlighting their commitment and celebrating diversity with in-store activations, signage and events.

All companies, large and small, have a responsibility to their employees and their communities to put in the work to not only acknowledge different experiences and points of view, but to celebrate them. Rexall may only be in the early stages of their inclusivity journey, but they are ready to learn and constantly working at being the kind of company employees are eager to join and consumers can feel good about supporting.


COURTNEY HARDWICK is a Toronto-based freelance writer. Her work has appeared online at AmongMen, Complex Canada, Elle Canada and TheBolde.

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