November 1, 2019 / Latest Life

LoveisLoveisLove Launches New 'Queering STEM' Scholarship

The Toronto-based LGBTQ+ advocacy campaign is launching a new scholarship for queer students in Ontario…   LoveisLoveisLove, a Toronto-based LGBTQ+ advocacy campaign, is launching a new scholarship. The scholarship, called...

August 24, 2019 / Latest Life

The LoveisLoveisLove Campaign Transforms Ottawa City Hall For Pride

There’s a new queer art installation coming to the nation’s capital…   Coinciding with Capital Pride, Ottawa City Hall is hosting a large-scale art installation produced by the Toronto-based LoveisLoveisLove...

June 14, 2019 / Latest Life

LoveisLoveisLove Launches Toronto’s New Big Gay Bus

Toronto! Be on the look out for a Big Gay Bus…   Toronto just got a new Big Gay Bus. Launched by the LoveisLoveisLove campaign, the Big Gay Bus project transforms...

June 10, 2019 / Latest Style

Did A Major Clothing Brand Rip Off Toronto’s LoveisLoveisLove Campaign?

Todd Snyder’s new Pride campaign looks a lot like Toronto’s popular LoveisLoveisLove campaign