July 5, 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Here’s What Order To Read The Heartstopper Books And Novellas

While you eagerly await Season 2 of this hit series, here’s our guide to the Heartstopper graphic novels and novellas

April 29, 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Here’s What The Heartstopper Characters Look Like In The Netflix Series Vs. The Graphic Novels

Fans have praised the similar look of the series cast to their graphic novel counterparts

April 19, 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Connor Hawke, Green Arrow’s Son, Comes Out As Asexual In DC Pride 2022

Connor Hawke, the son and successor of Green Arrow, is finally coming out as asexual

August 11, 2020 / Latest Life

Marvel’s First Same-Sex Superhero Wedding Makes History

Grab your tissues for the first ever same-sex wedding between two gay superheroes…. Marvel Comics will make history this week as it publishes the first ever same-sex superhero wedding. Longtime...

June 20, 2019 / Entertainment Latest

July/August 2019 Cover Story: Vivek Shraya And The Beauty Of Turning Hate Into Art

The author and Canadian LGBTQ icon is back with a brand new graphic novel, Death Threat, that mirrors a scary reality from her own life

May 31, 2017 / Entertainment

Feminist TV Icons Meet In Comic World

Comic book writer Andy Mangels brings Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman together, andtalks about his groundbreaking career… By Terri-Lynne Waldron It is no surprise that comic book writer Andy...