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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Unity in Diversity: The Manitoba Pride Alliance

Unity in Diversity: The Manitoba Pride Alliance

With 2024 being the inaugural year for the Manitoba Pride Alliance, the team carries a great number of ambitions and visions in the years to come…

In the heart of Canada, 2024 marked the birth of the Manitoba Pride Alliance. Established with the vision to foster inclusivity, awareness, and understanding, the Alliance has become a pivotal force in Manitoba for networking and building awareness of the challenges faced in 2SLGBTQ+ rural communities.

In May 2023, the Manitoba provincial government announced that long overdue funding would be provided to Pride Winnipeg to further their 2SLGBTQ+ community initiatives. The formation of the Alliance marked the milestone of one of Pride Winnipeg’s long term goals–to grow the Pride movement across the province, not just within city limits.

“After holding an initial introductory meeting in January with representation from Pride organizations across the entire province, it became clear to all in attendance that growing the Pride movement in our province can only be done one way — together.” says Jenn Rands, the Vice President of Advocacy with Pride Winnipeg and the newly appointed Chair of the Manitoba Pride Alliance. “Bringing together the voices and experiences of rural and remote Pride organizers will further the progress of equity and visibility for all 2SLGBTQ+ Manitobans.”

At the forefront of the organization’s mission, the Manitoba Pride Alliance promotes equality and visibility. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, the MPA is working to support smaller Pride projects and festivals throughout the province. With many of the challenges faced in rural areas varying significantly from those of major cities, the MPA has been providing a space for these rural organizations to congregate and engage in open discussions in hope of seeing new Pride projects sprout throughout the province and those working to gain traction and expand.

To ensure that rural and northern voices are heard and their unique challenges remain in focus, the Manitoba Pride Alliance is led by an Advisory Committee formed by members of rural Manitoba. With their teamwork, guidance, and unique perspectives, MPA has been able to confidently move forward with a clear vision and purpose.

With 2024 being the inaugural year for the Manitoba Pride Alliance, the team carries a great number of ambitions and visions in the years to come. Workshops, funding information for rural communities, training seminars, and outreach are at the forefront of goals for the committee, with the only limitations facing them being funding, not unlike other 2SLGBTQ+ organizations.

For more information, you can visit The Alliance meets on a monthly basis and strives to work alongside community partners and allies alike. 

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