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A Look Back At Our 2021 Cover Stories

A look back at our 2021 cover stories…
As we get ready to say goodbye to 2021 (whew!), we’re continuing to look back at the past year. Ready for a read or two? Here’s a look back at our 2021 cover stories…with links, of course!


Making Sure Queer, Indigenous Stories Are Told
By Courtney Hardwick
Devery Jacobs – actor, filmmaker and activist – is making a name for herself, and for her communities.


Canada’s Own Hollywood
By: Bianca Guzzo
Hollywood Jade is the Canadian entertainment icon you should be watching. He talks to IN about the power in being authentically yourself, and why it’s important to recognize those who came before us, as well as lifting each other up.


Bilal Baig Is Breaking Boundaries
By Christopher Turner
Baig’s groundbreaking series Sort Of, which deals with the struggles of trying to reconcile all the labels we create for ourselves, will premiere on CBC’s streaming service this October.


November/December 2021 Cover Story: Brooke Lynn Hytes Really Is The Queen Of The North!
By Christopher Turner
The beloved queen spills the tea on her reign as Canada’s biggest drag superstar.




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