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“It’s Raining Men” Gets A Gender Neutral ‘Them’ Update

“Cool, bold, strong and keen, proud and loud and here and seen…”
Gay anthem “It’s Raining Men” — made legendary by the Weather Girls in 1983 and most notably rereleased by Geri Halliwell in 2001 — is the latest pop culture classic to get the gender-neutral treatment: Transgender recording artist Mila Jam is aiming to make the tune more inclusive by updating the title and lyrics to “It’s Raining Them.”
“God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too” — the iconic line belted out by disco and R&B icons Martha Wash and Izora Armstead — is among the lyrical alterations. Instead, 32-year-old Jam’s heavily synthesized voice sings a nonbinary, “God bless Mother Nature, they’re a single person too.”
However, other lyrical attempts to promote a message of universal empowerment might come off as a little watered down to some longtime “It’s Raining Men” fans: “Tall, blond, dark and lean, rough and tough and strong and mean” has been updated to “cool, bold, strong and keen, proud and loud and here and seen.”
Jam said in a blog statement that “it’s an honor to perform ‘It’s Raining Them.’”
“For all artists in the LGBTQ+ community I believe the future is ours, it’s now and we must shine,” Jam added. “We haven’t always been in this position, so I think it’s important that we tell our stories and make some good out of it. I really hope this record helps more of my siblings feel included.”
Perhaps in response to any naysayers out there, Jam concluded: “We’ve always been here, we aren’t going anywhere, and we must continue to dance.”
Reps for Martha Wash of The Weather Girls have not responded to media requests for comment about the remake of her biggest hit. However, Geri Horner (then Halliwell, a k a Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls), has endorsed the new nonbinary rendition.
“He, she, them — whatever your pronouns may be,” said 49-year-old Horner, Metro reported. “Everyone is welcome. Great job @themilajam.”
You can watch the video for Mila Jam’s “It’s Raining Them” below:




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