11 January 2023 / Entertainment Latest

Why You Need To Add CMAT To Your 2023 Playlists

Irish teen pop sensation has taken the world by storm with her beautiful vocals and witty lyricism

19 December 2022 / Entertainment Latest

RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Rosé Releases “Santa Baby” Music Video

“My version pays homage to Eartha Kitt’s, Madonna’s, and Gwen Stefani’s but I make the song my own by peppering in some light percussion and a few string moments”

14 December 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Out Country Singer Bryan Ruby Releases “Christmas With You”

And, the Christmas song is dedicated to his boyfriend

04 November 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Watch The Social Conscious Video For Bob The Drag Queen’s New Single “BLACK”

“It feels like a celebration of being black and queer, and not worrying about how we’re perceived by other people”

02 November 2022 / Entertainment Latest

DJ Junior Vasquez: Remixing History

DJ Junior Vasquez opens up on surviving, slaying and synthesizing five decades on the dance floor

16 September 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Watch The TikTok-Inspired Video For Bob The Drag Queen’s New Single “Bitch Like Me”

The king of TikTok transitions has released a must-watch video for their new single

21 June 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Ultra Naté: House Keeper

Ultra Naté on her longstanding “Free” reign, the evolution of EDM and the importance of being schooled by The Ballroom

12 May 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Evan Peix Is Sweet, But His Music Is Spicy

The popular gay social influencer and advocate shakes up the dance floor

27 April 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Songs For And By Nonbinary Trans Voices

Innovative publisher releases first-ever collection of vocal and piano music without gender

04 January 2022 / Entertainment Latest

The Place & Time Is Now

Stars of Broadway shine a spotlight on under-represented segments of the queer community

26 August 2021 / Entertainment Latest

"It’s Raining Men" Gets A Gender Neutral 'Them' Update

“Cool, bold, strong and keen, proud and loud and here and seen…” Gay anthem “It’s Raining Men” — made legendary by the Weather Girls in 1983 and most notably rereleased...

23 August 2021 / Entertainment Latest

Lil Nas X And Taco Bell Partner Up To Help Promote 'Montero'

Lil Nas X’s honorary role as chief impact officer will “play out with a menu of activities, collaborations and a company-wide push” for his upcoming album Montero… Back in 2017,...