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You Can Add Pronouns To Your Pinterest Profile

The image-sharing platform lets users choose gender pronouns from nine different options…
Pinterest users can now choose their own gender pronouns from a list of nine different options. The move is available to all 475 million regular users on the image-sharing platform, following similar moves by other big social media networks.
Self-selected pronouns will show up on your Pinterest profile, next to usernames, which allows Pinners to self-identify and express who they are while helping to build a more inclusive experience. Users are able to select pronouns ranging from the more traditional he/him or she/her or they/them to others such as Xe/Xem or Ze/Zir.
Pinterest notes that interest in LGBTQ+ related content has steadily increased in recent times. According to Pinterest, every year, people increasingly come to the platform to show their Pride and LGBTQ+ flags are a recognizable way to celebrate and show the world who they are. For example searches on “bisexual pride flag” (up 5x), “genderfluid flag” (up 4.5x), “lesbian flag” (up 4x) or “asexual flag” (up 3x) continue to grow in popularity year over year.
In addition to this, Pinterest also notes that searches for things like “coming out cake” (up 2.5x), “coming out party” (up 67%) and “coming out photoshoot” (up 44%) are also steadily rising year-after-year, which underlines the important role that the platform can play in supporting the community, and helping to facilitate inclusion and connection.
The pronouns option is available now to both business and personal accounts on Pinterest.
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