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Here Are Some Of Our Fave LGBTQ+ Music Releases During COVID-19

Here’s some of the music by LGBTQ+ artists that’s been released during COVID-19…

By: Emily Norton

Over the course of the COIVD-19 pandemic, many of us have had to get creative in how we seek comfort and optimism in the world. It’s a hard thing to navigate on a day-to-day basis when many of our external joys are restricted.

I always look to art for comfort during hard times, and the grueling months of COVID-19 have been no exception. It’s important to continue to create during these crazy times, and a lot of my favourite musicians have been doing just that. While touring new music is out of the question, the following artists haven’t let COVID-19 stop them from making and sharing great music. Not to mention, a lot of artists have been hosting virtual concerts and events!

Here’s some of the music by LGBTQ+ artists that’s been released during COVID-19. If you need a pick me up or just need something to inspire you amidst all this, I’d definitely recommend giving this music a listen.

Phoebe BridgersPunisher

I’ve been a huge fan of Phoebe Bridgers for years now. I mean, what sad gay hasn’t? Punisher is her second solo album release since her debut, Stranger In The Alps, in 2017. And it did not disappoint! I’d even say the final track on the album, “I Know the End,” is a top contender for an anthem to these apocalyptic times.

Laura Jane Grace: Stay Alive

Laura Jane Grace released a solo album this October. It’s full of folk-rock vibes, political angst, personal reflection, and overall gorgeous lyrics. It’s a great album to accompany you on a late afternoon walk and simultaneously brighten your mood and get you a little mad about the world, which I think is a good combination.

Strange Breed: Reputation

This all female queer rock band from Vancouver have probably released my favourite song of any I’ve heard within the past 20 months or so. “Reputation” is an incredible anthem for survivors of sexual assault offering political and personal perspectives about in the lyrics. Not to mention, this single offers moment solidarity fellow with words “you’re not alone.”

WorriersYou or Someone You Know
When I discovered Worriers’ song “They/Them/Theirs” I was hooked on their queer garage rock sound. And their newest albumYou or Someone You Know absolutely delivers on this sound too. Tracks like “Terrible Boyfriend” and “WTF is Sleep” are lyrically strong and honestly, just fun to sing in the shower.
You can listen to You or Someone You Know here!

cutsleevethe parts we could not abandon
the parts we could not abandon is cutsleeve’s first EP! This band’s punk sound is much like what you’d hear in the Riot grrrl punk scene of the 90’s with their infectious sound and politically charged lyrics.
You can listen to the parts we could not abandon here!

Julien Baker: “Faith Healer”
Julien Baker just announced her next album Little Oblivions, coming February 2021. The first single “Faith Healer” has been released and delivers on the aching lyrics we all love Julien Baker for.

serpentwithfeet: Apparition EP
This three song EP is admirable for serpentwithfeet’s ability to find ways to flow within the R&B genre. Each song on the EP works together cohesively while having their own unique sound and stunning lyrics.
You can listen to Apparition EP here!

Despite the current state of the world, I hope knowing people are still creating art, and engaging with this art can bring you some optimism as it does for me.

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