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Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Welcome to the Family

Say it with me… there’s no place like home…

Last week we said see you later to Ilona Verley, and hello to our first ever Canada’s Drag Race top 5. Last week’s pageant challenge was the first of its kind in Drag Race herstory, and it will for sure go down as one of this season’s most memorable challenges. This week we are getting the iconic makeover challenge, which always tugs on my heartstrings so I’m really excited to see what the queens will bring to the runway this week.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Ilona’s elimination. The remaining queens read the heartfelt message Ilona left on the mirror. All of them are surprised about how genuinely kind it was, Priyanka wipes the lipstick off of the mirror, and the queens head over to the golden couches to kiki. The queens congratulate Lemon on her second maxi challenge win of the season. Rita reminds Lemon that she won a trip for two (wink wink), and Priyanka points out that there are three queens in the room that have never been in the bottom (Rita, Bobo, and Jimbo). The competition is heating up, and this week won’t be an exception.

The next day in the werk room, the top five enter, and the queens are tallying up their wins around the worktable. Rita says she doesn’t see Scarlett as a threat but, that doesn’t mean she can’t win the whole competition. Scarlett may not have any official wins under her belt, but she’s been consistently close to the top every week, and some queens have won with that same track record. Jimbo and Rita have apparently made up since wig gate 2020 backstage last week. Ru interrupts with a nature vs. nurture video message, and Jeffrey enters the werk room and introduces this week’s mini challenge… PUPPETS!!!

The queens pull puppets at random out of a tickle trunk. Lemon picks Priyanka, Priyanka pulls Lemon, Jimbo pulls Scarlett Bobo, Scarlett chooses Rita, leaving Rita picks Jimbo’s puppet. The queens quickly transform their puppets, and it’s puppet theatre showtime. The queens are going IN, there’s no filter, and I am loving it. Jeffrey announces that the winner of the mini challenge is Scarlett Bobo! She’s finally a winner!
Jeffrey introduces this week’s maxi challenge. The queens will be giving makeovers to newcomers that have found new homes in Canada thanks to Rainbow Railroad. Each queen will be paired with a newcomer to make them over into members of their drag families. Since Scarlett won the mini challenge, she gets to pair the queens with the special guests. As always, the judges are looking for a strong family resemblance, so the queens have their work cut out for them, but this challenge is always one of the most fun to watch.

As the queens get to know, and connect with their partners for this week’s challenge, it’s time for them to learn the drag basics. Rainer is Rita’s SEVENTH drag daughter, so this isn’t Rita’s first rodeo. On the other hand, Elton is Priyanka’s first drag daughter, but also revealed that he is a fan of Priyanka’s and goes to the bars to watch her perform. Jimbo has immediately put boobs on Eka, and she is feeling herself. I feel like everybody is so well matched, which makes this so much more fun to watch. The queens and their new daughters move onto the rehearsals on the runway. When it comes to walking in heels, some are farther along on their journeys than others, but there is still lots of time to practice before it’s time to hit the runway for real.

It’s elimination day, and all of the queens, and their daughters enter the werk room ready to take on this week’s maxi challenge. While the queens start applying the makeup, each of the guests tell the queens their stories of how life was for them before coming to Canada, and how moving to Canada has changed their lives. It reminds us that we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted, and just because we are lucky to be free to be who we are, it isn’t like that for our brothers and sisters everywhere else in the world. It’s up to us to continue to fight for them.

Out on the runway this week’s guest host actress Amanda Brugel introduces our fabulous panel of judges. First out is Priyanka and Elektra. Neon, feather, REALNESS. Stunning. Next up Scarlett, and Violet Bobo. Punk rock princess, 2003 Avril is quaking. Lemon and Lime are serving us modern flappers mixed with a can of Sprite. Rita and Tari are giving us tears of a clown, it’s unique. Jimbo and Bimbo are slaying the runway in red latex, feeling that whole cock destroyers’ fantasy. The judges start their critiques with Priyanka and Elektra, and the judges loved the look, and their chemistry on the runway. Next up the judges liked the styling Lemon gave Lime, but thought they could have done more of a performance. Scarlett and Violet had amazing chemistry on the runway, but the outfits weren’t quite there. Jimbo and Bimbo SERVED in red latex, but the judges agreed the sexy nature of their performance didn’t give off the “family vibes”. Last but not least, Brooke thought there was for sure resemblance between Rita and Tari, but the other judges agreed that their look was the weakest of the group.
After the judges deliberate their tops and bottoms, they announce the winner of this week’s challenge is Priyanka. She’s back baby! Safe this week is Scarlett, and Jimbo, making Lemon and Rita the bottom two this week. Lemon and Rita are lip syncing for their lives to Alannis Morissette’s iconic “You Oughta Know.” Both of these queens are PERFORMING. It’s clear they both want to stay in this competition badly.

Following their explosive lip sync, Brooke announces that Rita is safe this week, with Lemon sashaying away. And just like that we have our top four!

Front runners of the week: Priyanka is back and better than ever! Will she make it to the top? Or lose steam again?
What we’ll see next week: it’s time for the Snow Ball, henny!! And Michelle Visage is here to help as the extra special guest host of the week!
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