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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Pride Of Amazing Thailand

A vibrant commitment to celebrating LGBTQ communities means Thailand doesn’t stop when Pride festivities move online…

Celebrating Pride is one of the most anticipated events for many Canadians every summer, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand feels strongly about providing camaraderie and support for the LGBTQ+ community. As the most progressive Asian country, and one that has embraced LGBTQ+ culture for decades, Thailand has reached across continents to support LGBTQ+ initiatives throughout Canada, providing people with the knowledge that Thailand is a welcoming destination with a strong LGBTQ+ culture. Pride Month allows us to expose the very best of who we are, showcase the colourful ways that our differences bind us, and in Canada, as in Thailand, remind everyone that freedom, tolerance and equality are essential for everyone’s peace of mind and joy of life.

This year, we have had to make adjustments to our ways of celebrating Pride, meaning that instead of the excitement generated when millions take to the streets, we will look back wistfully at how we celebrated in years past, while planning how to channel that energy into in-person fun in the future. This doesn’t diminish the importance of participating and finding ways to share our common belief that whether you are in Bangkok or Toronto, Chiang Mai or Vancouver, Phuket or Montreal, what really matters is knowing that you are welcome to live, travel, love and celebrate freely. Pride in each other and our actions makes us proud.

Over the past years, Thailand has had a meaningful presence at Pride Toronto, Pride Vancouver, Pride Montreal and Calgary Pride, and has supported initiatives and events that celebrate the acceptance of all who identify as LGBTQ+. It was just one year ago that Amazing Thailand lit up Pride Toronto’s weekend celebrations and hosted three winners of Drag Race Thailand. Angele Anang, Kandy Zyanide and Kana Warrior donned glorious outfits inspired by Thai culture and performed on the Drag Ball Stage, Ho Queen Stage and along the Church Street Fair before marching proudly with thousands – and in front of hundreds of thousands – during the pinnacle Pride Parade.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand had planned to participate again this year in many special programs with unique activities, including at SNAP Toronto and Pride festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Winnipeg. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizers to cancel their planned celebrations, Amazing Thailand refocused its efforts to celebrate by joining various online Pride platforms, events and hubs.

Thailand’s commitment is not one that begins and ends with Pride weekends or events, but is rather a steadfast and authentic decision to always be a destination that makes everyone feel important, comfortable and accepted.

This summer, while we continue to be physically distant until it is safe to once again share the human touch that is a Pride celebration, we hope you will share in our mission and connect with us during our many virtual Pride events. And while we are all dreaming – in rainbow hues – of travelling and being together, we want to give everyone something to celebrate now, with the chance to win a trip to the magical Kingdom of Thailand! Follow us @thailandinsidercanada to receive updates and news about our exciting events and contests.

This summer, in association with IN Magazine and Goway Travel, we are giving you and a guest the chance to show your Pride in Thailand and Win a Trip to Amazing Thailand! All you need to do is fill out the contest entry form to win, follow @thailandinsidercanada and hashtag #gothaibefree.

Thailand is proud to be hand in hand with Canada this month, and always.

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