11 July 2022 / Latest Travel

Thailand Is Your New Sanctuary

The country has lifted travel restrictions, and is once again ready to welcome the world to its lavish palaces and ancient ruins, breathtaking beaches and secret waterfalls

16 September 2020 / Latest Travel

Thai Islands: Off-The-Beaten Path For Queer Travellers

Recharge your mind, body and soul in a queer-friendly setting…   Mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation is what we all need in these challenging times; when international borders reopen, head...

31 August 2020 / Latest Travel

Amazing Thailand Takes A Look Back At 2020

We take a look back at our partnership with Amazing Thailand and some exciting LGBTQ+ initiatives that made us smile this year…   It’s certainly been a year to remember...

03 July 2020 / Latest Pride 2020 Travel

Pride Of Amazing Thailand

A vibrant commitment to celebrating LGBTQ communities means Thailand doesn’t stop when Pride festivities move online…   Celebrating Pride is one of the most anticipated events for many Canadians every...

21 May 2020 / Latest Travel

Dream To Travel: Why Is Thailand So LGBTQ-Friendly

In Thailand, we believe that diversity is amazing…   Thailand is a recognized global leader when it comes to welcoming travellers of all backgrounds, identities and gender expressions. As the...