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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 7 Recap: Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical

Get into the groove, and step that Madonna pussy up girl…

It’s been a week since we said goodbye to this season’s spooky queen Aiden Zhane after a relatively tame Snatch Game, and even more boring lip sync for your life. If you watched last week’s episode of Untucked you’ll know that there was a lot of drama behind the scenes bubbling up that we don’t get to see on the main show for some reason. Things with Aiden and Brita were about to explode, and it only made their docile battle at the end of last week’s episode more poetic. While we’re seven episodes into the season at this point, fan favourites are starting to emerge, and I’ll be upset if any of mine go home. This week we are presented with another make it or break it challenge; the unauthorized rusical, and it’s Madonna baby. So let’s get into the groove, and into this episode.

This week’s episode starts in the Werk room following Aiden’s elimination. After reading Aiden’s lipstick message, Heidi is feeling sad about losing her small-town sister, and Brita says some nice words about Aiden, which confuses both Widow, and me. Over on the couches, Heidi confronts Gigi on her comments last week on Untucked. It’s tense, but unnecessary. More drama transpires, and everybody is over it. Me too. The next day in the werk room the queens are feeling the tension and thank god Ru appears in a hot pink suit to break it up and introduce us to this week’s maxi challenge. The queens will be paying the ultimate queen of pop in a classic Rusical. This week it’s all about Madonna, and I AM READY.

The queens will be assigning their own roles, and some of the non-dancers are feeling nervous. After an easy casting, the queens are off to record their vocals for the musical. Jan kicks it off and instantly impresses Michelle and the rest of the producers with her singing, while the rest of the queens with a few exceptions really struggle to find the notes. Next up is the choreography for the musical, and some of the queens are feeling nervous. Widow, who talked a big game about her dancing ability, is having an issue with her knee. Karma? Jan on the other hand is killing her choreo, and I think this might be her time to win a challenge.

We next catch the queens in the werk room getting ready for their rusical debuts. They all reminisce about what Madonna means to them while doing their makeup. As the conversation turns more somber, the queens rally around each other. It may not be RuPaul’s best friend race, but these queens do love each other. Out on the main stage it’s time for the Rusical, and I am excited. Jan opens the show flawlessly. Actually, all of the queens did a really great jobs with their individual parts. Overall, one of the best rusicals I have ever seen in the herstory of the show.

After the musical, the category on the runway is ‘Night of a Thousand Michelle Visages,’ and I for one, am happy we don’t have to see another Madonna kimono. There was not ONE look repeated and we love the season 12 queens for it. Ru announces that Jan, Gigi, Crystal, Jackie, Heidi, and Brita are the tops and bottoms of the week. Sherri, Jaida, and Widow are safe for the week.

The judges, along with guests Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and supermodel Winnie Harlow, start their critiques by praising Jan for her vocals, and performance. While Jackie was given some notes on her lackluster performance, her runway looks was one of the best. The judges told Gigi she was one of the best in the musical, and out on the runway. Brita didn’t receive great critiques, and her misstep on her earrings for her Michelle look are sure to land her in the bottom for the third time this season. Crystal got great feedback on both of her looks and performance, and the judges had mixed messages for Heidi’s performance and look.

Following the deliberations, Ru announces that the winner of this week’s challenge is Gigi, much to my surprise, and Jan’s confusion. Yikes. Jan, Crystal, and Jackie were pronounced safe. With Heidi, and Brita battling it out for a spot in the competition. The two queens lip sync to Madonna’s “Burning Up,” which was quite different from last week’s Frozen battle, and thank goodness for that. Following the lip sync Ru decides to save Heidi and send Brita back home after her third time in the bottom. It’s sad to see another queen go, but Brita has a bright future ahead.

Front runner of the week: Although she didn’t take the crown for the week, Jan really showed us how multitalented she is, and we’re here for it. 
Karma serve of the week: Widow talking up how good she was going to be when a dancing challenge came, and then immediately having issues with the choreography.
What we’ll see next week: The queens create, and promote their own products, and Jan still has some tears left to cry.
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