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A Definitive Ranking Of All The Musicals On RuPaul’s Drag Race

Because who doesn’t love a musical…
The last 5 seasons of Drag Race have given us the gift of “the Rusical”. Whether they’re performed live, or lip-synced, the musicals have become iconic challenges of the Drag Race competition. Whether your fave kills the performance, or forgets the words, the Rusical is a staple competition that fans look forward to each season. If we’re lucky, some performances become so iconic we get to talk about them years later.
Here is the definitive ranking of all of the musicals on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

8. PharmaRusical (Season 10)
PharmaRusical included a big cast as it was only in the second episode of season 10. The dancing was ambitious but the actual musical lacked any substance, and a storyline. It jumped back and forth between different made up prescription drugs, and to be perfectly honest, we’re still a little confused as to why this was chosen as the season 10 Rusical. At least we got redemption with that Cher musical later on in the season. But more on that later…
The musical’s saving grace: Aquaria making a pixie wig look chic.

7. Kardashian the Musical (Season 9)
Kardashian the Musical had potential to be one of the greats, and there were a few queens that made this musical bearable. When it came down to it, Cynthia Lee Fontaine being cast, as the lead Kimberly Kardashian was the biggest downfall. Cucu barely knew the lyrics, the costume was wrong, and the choreography was sloppy. This musical also featured Eureka O’Hara on crutches, as North West in the year 2080, and we’re still wondering why.
The redeeming factor of this Rusical: Peppermint as Britney Spears, Shea Coulee as Blac Chyna, and of course Alexis Michelle as momager Kris Jenner. You’re doing amazing sweetie.

6. VH1 Divas Tribute to RuPaul (All Stars 3)
This was another Rusical that had potential to be great. Our favourite Queens impersonating our favourite divas… Literally nothing could top that. Unfortunately VH1 Diva’s featured some queens having a bit of an advantage over others, which made a lot of Drag Race fans upset. For example, Trixie Mattel was cast as country/folk diva Dolly Parton (a perfect tailor made choice), and Shangela was given the role of Mariah Carey, complete with comedic beats intersecting her singing. Meanwhile, BenDeLaCreme was cast as Julie Andrews (yes, you read that right), granted, Dela did a fantastic job. However, the real tragedy was Thorgy Thor being cast as Stevie Nicks. She was then ripped apart by the judges for painting her face “too much like Thorgy”, and not being funny enough. Because as we all know, Stevie IS the comedy queen of the classic rock genre. This of course resulted in fan favourite Thorgy being sent home that week, and she called it too. Jesus. Gross.
Most confusing critique of this performance: Thorgy being read for doing Stevie’s makeup like Thorgy, but Trixie being praised for her Dolly Parton impersonation, which included makeup looking very much (you guessed it!) like Trixie.

5. Glamazonian Airways (Season 7)
This one was kind of all over the place. Katya didn’t know the words to her lengthy, and fast monologue, and Trixie was in a brown wig (what?). Though the fast, and busy lyrics made it entertaining to watch, and the songs were catchy enough to get stuck in your head for a few hours, ok days, is why Glamazonian Airways lands in the middle of the list.
Standout moment: Violet Chachki being wound and bound by seatbelts to show off her teenie tiny waist.

4. Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical (Season 10)
Season 10 gave us not one but two Rusicals. However, not all RPDR fans consider this to be a standard Rusical because it was quite late in the season, and didn’t included as many contestants as they usually do. Cher: the Unauthorized Rusical lands in the top half of this list based off ambition alone. Instead of the standard lip sync, the queens were required to sing their tributes to Cher, live. Whether their performances were good or bad, everybody gets an A for effort for their attempt at live theatre.
Musical highlight: Kameron Micheals killing a Cher impersonation… oh did we mention she could sing live too?

3. Shade: the Rusical (Season 6)
Most consider this to be the original Drag Race Musical, and Shade: the Rusical had it all. Live singing, a clear, and fun storyline, and two formal idol contestants. Courtney Act, and Adore Delano lead this musical to victory, as well as other key players that really shine in minor parts. Season six winner Bianca Del Rio was hysterical as one of the “beauty queens”, and BenDeLaCreme was sensational as the shady queen, and narrator of the first act.
Most memorable prop: The bedazzled fish filled with fish oil.

2. Bitch Perfect (Season 8)
Bitch Perfect ranks high on this list because it’s so different than any of the other musicals that have ever appeared on Drag Race. Based off of the hit movie Pitch Perfect, Bitch Perfect was a simple riff-off in the “Boobs for Queens” warehouse. The drag-apella covers of RuPaul’s original songs were catchy, fast paced, and overall fun to watch. Who could forget Kim Chi using her lisp, and inability to dance to her advantage, and the length of Naomi Smalls legs in those shorts, you know the ones. Even Cynthia Lee CUCU made it through the lyrics in this one, a whole year before she would sabotage Kardashian the Musical.
Best use of choreography: ChiChi DeVayne doing the splits upside down.

1. HERstory of the World (All Stars 2)
In my opinion HERstory of the World is the best, and most iconic musical that has ever been performed by drag queens ever, and I’ll give you three reasons why.
1. Michelle Visage playing God with a Jersey accent
2. Roxxy Andrews being the only queen to perform the whole musical in 6 inch stiletto heels
3. Alyssa Edwards as Annie Oakley
Every single one of the queens killed their performances in this musical. Even though Katya was later read for her interpretation of Princess Diana, gave a stellar performance. I would argue however, the star of the show to be none other than Miss Alyssa Edwards as Annie Oakley. Her part of the song still gets stuck in my head from time to time, and I still have visions of her rolling around the werk room with that bedazzled pistol.
We can’t wait to see what the future seasons of Drag Race holds, and can only hope for more daring, ambitious, and original Rusicals. And if they don’t, we’ll always have HERstory of the World.


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