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Why You Should Go Green With A 'Big Gay Bidet'

We spoke with the supreme toilet man of the LGBTQ community to learn more…
By: Skip Sheffield
Always ahead of the trends, the pink community went green even before it was a thing. Many of us have ditched the throw-away Evian for our fashionable S’well insulated water bottles. We’ve adopted reusable bag practices and happily coughed up the extra bucks for energy efficient light bulbs.
But there is one area many of us can still improve upon and it’s in the jon. Yes, queen, we’re coming for your wet wipes and toilet paper, too! Don’t you know that toilet paper destroys 27,000 trees every day?
“There’s so much waste in our waste,” explains Lars Kleinstein. By day, he is a wardrobe dresser on Broadway. By night, he is on a mission to turn pink green by getting the LGBTQ community off wipes and into spray washing. He’s even launched a company called, what else, Big Gay Bidet! We spoke with the LGBTQ’s supreme toilet man to learn more.
Were you always eco-conscious?
Lars Kleinstein: No, but I have certainly become so, more and more. I started with the basics: paperless billing, using less water, doing my best to turn off lights and electronics.
And now you’ve launched an all-out attack on tissue paper?
LK: I suppose I have! Using a bidet will reduce, if not eliminate toilet paper usage, which will save money and save trees. But also, bidets are great because there is no better way to get clean than with a bidet toilet seat. The warm water spray makes you feel freshly cleansed. And each bidet had numerous features to choose from like heated seats, warm air drying, water warming…
Why launch a bidet store?
LK: I have always had a passion for creating. Sometimes I think my mind is like an idea factory, some of those ideas are likely smelly poop, and some have turned out to be the lucky rainbow. I had a successful business before I was a dresser on Broadway.
But it wasn’t as big and as gay as Big Gay Bidet!
LK:  Everyone smiles when I say Big Gay Bidet, which makes me smile.
What bidet have you found is best?
LK: The Bio Bidet BB-2000 has all the features you could possibly want from a bidet, including heated water spray, a night light, warm air dry, soft closing, heated seat, and even a wireless remote control. Also, right now, with the purchase of the in-home unit, you can get a free travel bidet!
Does the portable travel bidet work as well as the home model?
LK: It can never match the higher priced, full featured home models but the travel bidet is compact and convenientand works great for when you are on the go.
Is it loud?  
LK: It is about as loud as an electric toothbrush.
If we sneak in a quick cleaning before a hook-up, will the hot guy we just met on Grindr hear it being used in the bathroom?
LK: My suggestion is to tell him you need a second to make your teeth as sparkly and shiny as your personality. He doesn’t need to know what you’re really doing.
Photo of Lars Kleinstein by: Stockwell Photography

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