Move over, Deadpool: Luke Macfarlane wouldn’t mind playing a gay, caped crusader By Nelson Branco   It’s Pride month—and London, Ont., native Luke Macfarlane is proud of himself for managing to be out as an actor in Hollywood and still manage to work steadily for almost a decade. Coming out in an interview

Wonder Woman

Why Wonder Woman has become an enduring gay icon By Renee Sylvestre-Williams   It’s a good thing Wonder Woman is powerful: she has a lot of expectations riding on her shoulders this summer when her solo movie hits theatres. She means many things to many people. To some she’s an Amazon, warrior, superhero


How four men are changing the face of the makeup industry By Ashley Kowalewski-Pizzi   The expectations of various gender roles go as follows: young girls will grow up and play with makeup, eventually making it part of their daily routine (but, of course, never so much that it distracts or becomes too


Celebs kick up their heels to support AIDS research By Ryan Emberly   The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) and its loyal band of celebrity supporters made a splash once again with the charity’s third annual Hong Kong gala. Co-chaired by Charlize Theron, the recent Studio 54-themed event at Shaw Studios in

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