23 December 2022 / Entertainment Latest Life

RuPaul’s Drag Race & We’re Here Star Eureka O’Hara Comes Out As Trans

“I’m blessed now… because I know who I am without question”

20 September 2022 / Latest Life

3 Trans Canadians Share The Importance Of Using Their Chosen Name

“Seeing a name that you connect with, it feels like acceptance”

18 August 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Lee Pace On Playing A Trans Woman In 2003’s Soldier’s Girl, His First Film Role

The hunky actor reflects on his first feature film role, Soldier’s Girl, in which he played the transgender woman, Calpernia Addams

17 August 2022 / Latest Life

Australian Rugby Player Ellia Green Becomes First Olympian To Transition To A Man

The rugby star and Olympic gold medalist wants to help level the playing field for trans athletes

02 June 2022 / Latest Life Queer Crime

QUEER CRIME: The Legacy Of CeCe McDonald

10 years later trans inmates are still facing the same injustices as CeCe did

27 April 2022 / Entertainment Latest

Songs For And By Nonbinary Trans Voices

Innovative publisher releases first-ever collection of vocal and piano music without gender

31 March 2022 / Latest Life

International Transgender Day of Visibility Is About Celebration

]Every March 31st, the trans community and allies come together to observe #TransDayOfVisibility

23 February 2022 / Latest Life

Remembering Trailblazing Transgender Model April Ashley

Elvis Presley, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí were all said to have been smitten with Ashley, who was the second British person to undergo male-to-female gender reassignment surgery in the 1960s, and who died late last year

23 November 2021 / Latest Life Queer Crime

QUEER CRIME: 5 People Who Were Murdered Because They Were Transgender

Feeling safe to be yourself should be a human right, but for trans people, it’s not that simple… If you’re a true crime fan, you know there’s no shortage of...

05 November 2021 / Latest Life

Reflections On Transgender Awareness Week

This year between November 13–19, we join together to recognize Transgender Awareness Week

05 November 2021 / Latest

Réflexions à l’occasion de la Semaine de sensibilisation aux réalités trans

Cette année, du 13 au 19 novembre, nous soulignons ensemble la Semaine de sensibilisation aux réalités trans

10 August 2021 / Latest Style

Ariel Nicholson Is The First Out Trans Woman On The Cover Of US Vogue

“To have the opportunity to participate in the shifting landscape of fashion is a dream come true,” the model wrote in an Instagram post… 20-year-old model Ariel Nicholson has made...