28 February 2023 / Flashback Latest Life

FLASHBACK: Svend Robinson Becomes Canada’s First Member Of Parliament To Come Out As Gay (February 29, 1988)

Today in LGBTQ+ history… On February 29, 1988, Svend Robinson became the first Canadian Member of Parliament to come out as gay. He was the only openly LGBTQ2 member of...

19 September 2022 / Latest Life

OPINION: Remembering The Totality Of Bill Graham

We should celebrate everything he was and not just pick and choose from the sanitized aspects of his life

09 September 2022 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: What’s Included In Canada’s First 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan

Federal government invests $100 million to support queer communities

30 May 2022 / Latest Life

Canada Should Be Doing More To Help LGBTQ+ Refugees

Why are we so reluctant to work with organizations like Rainbow Railroad?

12 April 2022 / Latest Life

A New National LGBTQ2S+ Monument In Ottawa Is Set For 2025

A plant-filled park in Ottawa with a gleaming thunderhead sculpture at its centre will honour victims of the LGBT purge, which took place between 1955 and 1996… A national LGBTQ2+...

04 November 2021 / Latest Life

Canada Is Not Doing Enough To Support Gay Men’s Mental Health

There’s a mental health crisis within the gay community

21 September 2021 / Latest Life

Canada Is A Leader In LGBTQ Rights Advocacy – But It Could Be Doing A Lot More

There is a lot to be proud of, but there is still plenty of room to do more

13 September 2021 / Latest Life

2021 Canadian Federal Election: Here’s Where The Parties Stand On LGBTQ Issues

For those still questioning who to vote for, here’s a cheat sheet…plus your chance to ask questions… By Tristan Coolman I love the taboo nature of talking about something like...

08 September 2021 / Latest Life

The Conservatives' First-Ever Trans Candidate Is Refreshingly Pragmatic

Member of Parliament candidate Hannah Hodson is eager to bring new voice to the party

06 May 2021 / Latest Life

How Cultural Institutions Warp LGBTQ Identities

Arts funding in particular tends to warp what it means to be LGBTQ+… Ever since cultural institutions started taking equity more seriously, they’ve devoted a great amount of attention to...

15 March 2021 / Latest Life

How LGBTQ Foreign Policy Spurred A New Cold War

The conundrum of “traditional values” politics… By Adam Zivo Something big happened in the early 2010s. International LGBTQ advocacy, which had been around for decades without much government support, was...

22 January 2021 / IN Community Latest Life

IN Community: Help Improve The Lives Of LGBTQ2 People In Canada

Complete an online survey and be a part of Canada’s LGBTQ2 Action Plan… By Jumol Royes The Government of Canada is putting out a call for participants to take a...