20 November 2019 / Latest Life

Remembering The Victims Of Transphobia

The Transgender Day of Remembrance has been observed annually on November 20 as a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia – but let’s...

19 November 2019 / Latest Life Style

Wheels: Put Aside Your Winter Blues With One Of These Suave All-Weather Rides

Just a few of our favourite rides that’ll get you through snow, sleet and road salt…   By Casey Williams   Winter may not be your favourite season, but an all-weather ride...

18 November 2019 / Latest Life Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice: The L Word

What happens after you say “I love you”?…   By Adam Segal   Dear Adam, For the past eight months, I’ve been dating a guy who I think is fantastic....

14 November 2019 / Latest Travel

Barefoot-Chic In Grenada

Elevated luxury mixed with old-style Caribbean hospitality is the icing on the spice cake…   By Doug Wallace   It would appear that we are the first people to swim...

13 November 2019 / Latest Life

The Rise Of The Sober Queer

In a culture of partying, where do the non-drinking gays go?…   By Kelly Small   Let’s start this discussion by giving credit where it’s due: LGBTQ+ bars have been...

12 November 2019 / Latest Style

Fragrant Findings

Picking a new scent? With the right deliberation and tools, your scent selection can be very rewarding…   By Adriana Ermter   Does this scene sound familiar? You’ve decided you...

11 November 2019 / Latest Life

The Benefits Of Doing Good

Volunteering is about helping others– but you help yourself in the process, too…   By Karen Kwan   Giving back is something many of us strive to do year-round, but...

07 November 2019 / Latest Life

A History Of Hooking Up

We’ve always had a way of finding each other…   By Paul Gallant   I first heard about the internet in 1992; I must have read about it in a...

06 November 2019 / Latest Life

How A Toronto Company Is Making Space For Queer Seniors

Taking the inclusivity journey one step at a time

05 November 2019 / Latest Life

A Second Home For Many

ACAS is currently the only operating HIV/AIDS service organization in Canada dedicated specifically to the sexual health of East and Southeast Asians…   By Ryan Tran   In a multicultural...