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Men need to embrace platonic physical contact


As hosts of the international Equal Rights Coalition conference, we’re


The school of Sex and the City is in session

There’s certainly something beautiful about the shamelessness of Instagays

Tried-and-tested techniques to banish the winter blues and put a spring in your step

The key to the elusive and enviable long-term relationship

These businesses can be an economic force to be reckoned with By Katie Mead   It is estimated that there are more than 140,000 LGBT-owned businesses in

If we expect more of our allies, we should also be delivering By Paul Gallant Rock ’n’ roll legend has it that Van Halen’s 1980s touring

In our smartphone era, gay men still remain startlingly incompetent at expressing what they want By Paul Gallant   In the bad old days, men looking for

Friendship remains the lasting gay superpower By Paul Gallant Years ago, when Peter Nardi, a professor of sociology at California’s Pitzer College, was headed off to

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