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Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical

The All Stars go Broadway when they perform this season’s highly anticipated Rusical on the main stage. Dance club icon Kristine W is a guest judge…

Last week the all star queens made their own kind of Rusic when they designed and constructed spectacular looks for the runway based on different RuPaul songs. Roxxxy and Plastique took the top spots but Roxxxy’s lip sync is what won her the $10,000 cash tip for charity as well as the ruby snippers for the last time this season. She chose to block Angeria from winning a badge this week. Hey, it was only fair. This week the queens return to the main stage to perform a brand new original rusical. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the work room following Roxxxy’s win. Roxxxy has just received her fourth badge and she’s feeling pretty good about it. Angeria enters with her ruby snippers for the last time and Roxxxy explains the decision was “eye for an eye” and now that they’re even and there are no more chances to cut another queen, they can just continue playing the game. Angeria has no hard feelings this time around, she also has just as many badges as Roxxxy and Plastique at the front of the pack. Plastique has won four challenges but no lip syncs, but she can still win the jackpot at the end for her charity. We’re down to the last few episodes and these queens are hungry for a win.

It’s a new day in the work room and the queens are feeling good about a new chance to win a badge. The competition is close and most of the queens are within a badge or two of each other. After receiving some RuMail, Ru enters the room and tells the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge, the queens will be starring in Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical! It’s a singing and dancing psychological thriller about New Yorkers selling their souls for a good apartment. They’ll record their own vocals with help from a composer and Michelle, learn choreography on the main stage, and get into costume. This week the top two all stars will win two badges. One to keep, and one to give away to another queen. Ru says there’s still a way for each of the queens to make it to the top three since anything can, and probably will happen. Over on the couches the queens read through the script and decide on which characters each of them will play. Each of the roles are based off of cult-favorite horror villains and characters. Nina and Angie both want the same character and they decide to pull out of a hat with Nina winning the role. 

All of the characters are divided and the queens head out to the main stage which has been turned into a makeshift recording studio where they’ll lay down their vocals with composer David Steinberg and Michelle. Shannel records her vocals first and she was super nervous but ended up putting a bunch of character into it and really nailed it. Gottmik and Nina both do a really good job recording, too. Gorgeous has a few issues recording her song, but with Michelle’s help she gets it done. Angeria needs a little direction getting into character but Roxxxy and Plastique really throw themselves into their character’s creepy voices. Vanjie records her vocals last and has some issues getting a few of the lyrics right. After recording the queens get to learn the choreography for the rusical with Miguel Zarate. Unlike the vocals, Vanjie picks her steps up instantly. Nina has a few problems getting the choreo down, but she’ll get it for showtime. Roxxxy, Gottmik, and Gorgeous are all dancing together for their scene and they’re pretty in sync with skill and style. Shannel is struggling to pick up the choreography but Miguel is impressed with the way Angeria and Plastique move on the stage. 

Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s panel of all star judges Michelle, Ts Madison, and this week’s extra special guest judge musician Kristine W. It’s time for the debut performance of Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical

Shannel and Angeria are the first two to perform a song and they do a great job. Plastique’s solo number is next and she hits all of her marks while making Ru and the other judges laugh. Gottmik’s Exorcist-inspired role is next and she gags the judges with her spinning wig. Roxxxy as Pennywise is out next and it’s a choreography heavy role but Roxxxy nails it. Jorgeous’s Megan is out next and her worries about looking too robotic was for nothing because she tied the whole trio together. Nina’s Dr. Poltergeist is out next and while everyone has done an amazing job so far, it’s obvious Nina has experience with Broadway-level performances, because that’s exactly what she gave. Vanjie makes her grand entrance as the devil infant herself and she puts her classic Vanjie spin on it and steals the show. The rusical closes with a heartwarming monologue about how horror villains can often be seen as a metaphor for the queer/trans experience. Being othered and cast away from society because they’re not understood or embraced. Along with a group dance number, it was a cute way to wrap it up.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical

The queens head back into the werk room after the Rusical to get ready for the runway. All of the queens turned it out and they’re all feeling good about the performances they gave on the stage. Nina tells Shannel she did a great job in her first Rusical and Shannel did enjoy the challenge for the first time in the competition. There are two badges on the line per winner this week and Roxxxy asks the room if they know who they would give it to if they won. Nobody but Jorgeous answers, and she says she’d give it to Shannel if she won. Angie says that the two top queens could technically give their extra badges to each other which piques everybody’s interest. Out on the runway the category is “Bring Back My Pearls” and the queens stun in their pearl embellished looks. 

Critiques begin with Plastique. Michelle starts with saying she would buy tickets to this rusical with her own money. Both Michelle and Ru say she was so perfect for the role and she did a great job, and all the judges love her look. Kristine and Ts tell Angeria that she nailed her role and Michelle tells her that her runway look was one of her best. Ru tells Shannel she stayed in character the whole show and it was mesmerizing. Michelle praises her for stepping out of her comfort zone, which Ru echoes. Michelle tells Mik that the role was perfect for her and that her black pearl outfit was sickening. Michelle tells Roxxxy she has a real fear of clowns and Roxxxy spent the whole rusical looking at her, but she really impressed the judges with her makeup and dancing. Her full beaded dress also had them gagged. The judges tell Jorgeous she commanded the stage and Michelle tells her it was perfection from the beginning to the end. Ru praises her for taking critiques and rising to the challenge. All of the judges tell Nina she had so much charisma that she brought to every part of her performance. Finally, Kristine tells Vanjie she was red hot when she came out. Ru compliments her vocals and calls them “fantastic” and all of the judges are obsessed with her clam-tastic runway look.

Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: Rosmarie’s Baby Shower: The Rusical

Following critiques, Ru announces that the top two all stars of the week are Jorgeous and Shannel! All of the queens give her a round of applause. Both queens will get two badges, one to keep and one to give away. The top two all stars lip sync for their charity to Love Come Home by Kristine W. Jorgeous decides to go heavy on choreography while Shannel goes for more of a passionate performance. Ru declares a tie! Both queens will win money for their charity. The ruby snippers have been locked away for the remainder of the season, but Jorgeous and Shannel will both give one of their badges away right now. Jorgeous chooses to gift her extra badge to Shannel, staying true to her word in the werk room. Shannel gives her extra badge to Jorgeous as a thank you. Now Shannel has two badges and Jorgeous has four (making her an official front runner). 

Next week on All Stars: The race gets tighter and the queens compete in the battle royale lip synch LaLa PaRuza.

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