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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Rusic

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Rusic

The all stars take on another sewing challenge constructing looks from scratch based off iconic Ru songs. Designer Jeremy Scott is a guest judge…

We’re officially over the halfway hump of All Stars 9 and the competition is only getting hotter. Last week during a one-on-one acting challenge with Ru Nina and Angeria rose to the top with their perfect timing and comedic delivery. After a lip sync, Angeria was the victor of the week and chose to snip Gottmik, effectively blocking her from receiving another benefactress badge in the next maxi challenge. This week it’s time for another design/sewing challenge. The queens will go head to head while they construct sickening outfits based on an iconic RuPaul song. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Angeria’s win. Angie is over the moon after securing her third challenge of the competition. Roxxxy asked Angie what went into her decision which the other queens are interested in too. Gottmik enters and it’s her second time being cut off but the snippers do go with her outfit, so it’s not a total loss. Angeria tells Gottmik that the reason she got cut was because she took Plastique’s questionable math theory and ran with it, but Nina points out that Angeria had already won a third badge, so it was an inequitable decision from the start. Angie also said there was a little bit of revenge behind her decision and Mik suddenly remembered she cut Angie not so long ago too. Gottmik voices her frustration with the way Angeria is playing the game and it puts everyone on edge.

It’s a new day in the werk room and with everyone feeling like they have a target on their back, the vibes are understandably weird. After a quick badge tally, Shannel is still the only queen without a single badge. Ru enters the room and tells the queens that one of the advantages to being an international drag superstar is all of the travel.

For this week’s mini challenge the queens will be photobombing some of the most influential landmarks from around the world. After getting into quick drag they head to the makeshift photo studio and take their photos. Ru announces that the winner of the mini challenge is Nina West! Ru reveals that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens will need to create runway eleganza from scratch inspired by one of Ru’s songs. As Shannel was the first queen to ever walk in the werk room Shannel gets first pick and she goes with Hey Sis, It’s Christmas. Shannel then gets to choose the next queen and so on until Nina is last and everyone has a designated song and pile of fabric to work with.

The queens get right to work picking through their fabrics and making a plan. Plastique is feeling so good about not being cut and Angeria is happy she just so happened to cut a sewing queen off the week before a drag challenge but she’s expecting she might be cut if she’s not in the top two this week. Roxxxy has Lady Cowboy and is struggling to make her look chic without being hokey pokey and Nina who was left with Cha Cha Bitch is struggling to come up with something that’s outside of her camp comfort zone. Shannel is cashing in her favour with Angie helping her cut her pattern on fabric. Gottmik has great material to work with and even though she can’t win a badge, she can still win money for her charity and block another queen. Plastique sees how amazing Mik’s fabrics are and she immediately knows she’s her main competition. Ru stops by the werk room to check on the queens and see what they’re cooking up for this challenge. After Ru’s visit the queens get back to work putting the finishing touches on their showstopping lewks. Nina is feeling a little naked in her sheer lace dress but she’s embracing it. Shannel’s dress is a bit of a trainwreck but Angeria helps her put it together. Plastique is creating a star shaped train for her Star Baby-inspired look and she needs to win, so there’s a fire under her ass. Roxxxy helps Nina make some gloves and Angeria decides to start her look completely from scratch.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Rusic

It’s runway day and all of the queens are ready to rock the runway and a few of them are putting the last stones and stitches into their garments as they’re doing their makeup. Around the makeup mirrors they talk about their drag families and Angeria reveals she has ten drag children. Plastiques outfit is far from done and the clock is ticking. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s panel of all star judges Michelle, Ts Madison, and this week’s extra special guest judge, designer Jeremy Scott. One by one the queens bring it to the runway to present their song-inspired looks. After the runway, Ru tells the queens that this will be the final week that the ruby snippers can be used to cut a fellow queen. Critiques begin with Plastique. Ts loves her big reveal with her train which Jeremy agrees with. Michelle calls it masterful and gives her credit for lining it even though it was starting to come off on the runway. Next Jeremy tells Jorgeous she brought her song to life and Ru likes that the cutouts in her dress make her look taller and says it’s giving “elevated whore”. Ts tells Mik her braided mini dress is sickening and Ru loves how she brought new meaning to her song with the story she told. Ts loves how big and Christmassy Shannel’s look is which the other judges agree with. Roxxy’s rhinestone leather chaps receive top toots from all of the judges with Ru calling it “ready for the runway”. Next Miss Vanjie’s leopard look is really cute and Michelle says she’s glad she didn’t go over the top with it, so it still looked chic. All of the judges love how sophisticated yet camp Nina’s risky sheer gown is. It looks like her big risk paid off. Finally, the judges like Angeria’s pastel bodysuit and chaps and say her accoutrements saved it from being too basic.

Following deliberations Ru announces that the top two all stars of the week are Plastique and Roxxxy! The top two each receive a badge and lip sync for their charity to No One Gets the Prize by Diana Ross.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Make Your Own Kind Of Rusic

Both queens give a passionate and sultry performance peppered with comedic charm but it’s Roxxxy who takes the $10,000 cash tip for her charity and the honour of using the ruby snippers one final time. After some thought Roxxxy uses her ruby snipper power to block Angeria, which is a surprise to exactly nobody.

Next week on All Stars: It’s Rusical week and some queens swim while others sink. 

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