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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 5 RECAP: Snatch Game

The remaining queens play the legendary Snatch Game while tension reaches a boiling point between them. RPDR’s Jaida Essence Hall is a guest judge..

Last week our queens took to their hot glue guns and sewing machines for this season’s first sewing challenge. Some queens made instantly iconic lewks while others couldn’t quite get to couture. Kiki Coe rose from her spot in the bottom during the previous week to take the top spot after constructing a gorgeous evening gown. Melinda, Nearah, and Aimee are all bottoms, but it’s what happened backstage that had all of the queens gooped and gagged. Melinda, upset with her critiques, announces that she’s given up while Nearah and Aimee get into it over whose look is worse between the two of them. Kiki saves Melinda with the golden beaver leaving Nearah and Aimee to battle it out on the main stage. The judges, impressed with both of their grit and energy, decide nobody is going home. This week our queens are competing in the fan fave Snatch Game, and last week’s tension continues to build among them. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins back in the werk room following the lip sync. Without a lipstick message to read on the mirror all of the queens immediately gather on the couches. There’s a lot of tension and emotion rising and nobody has even said a word yet. Venus congratulates Aimee and Nearah on their sickening lip sync and Nearah says she’s glad Aimee is still in the competition following their fight in Untucked and apologizes for what she said. Aimee appreciates her apology. Denim is confused as to why Melinda is still there after she said she didn’t want to be in the competition anymore. Melinda makes another speech about the fact that other’s belief in her outweighs her desire to remain in the competition but she will stay as a thanks to those who helped build her up. Venus wants to know why Kiki chose Melinda to save and she gives her reasons and some of the safe queens are upset that Melinda was saved after she said she didn’t want to be there. Melinda rants again and walks out of the werk room. Just when you think the fighting is over it starts back up again with some queens attacking others on their looks. Nearah suggests they get out of drag to just put an end to it.

It’s a new day in the werk room and all of the queens are feeling fresh and renewed. Around the table Melinda apologizes to all of the queens about what she said and her behaviour which everybody seems to accept. Ru interrupts with a video message about lunar eclipses and big bangs. Brooke enters the werk room to introduce this week’s mini challenge and the library is officially open! Each queens take turns reading each other to filth. Brooke announces that the winner of the reading challenge is Denim! Brooke then tells the queens this week they’ll be playing THE SNATCH GAME! The queens will have to serve us a hysterical celeb impression while making the judges (and us) laugh. They get to work getting ready when Nearah and Kitten reveal they’ve both prepared to do Jennifer Coolidge. Neither is willing to back down. Brooke enters the room and talks to each of the queens about what they’ve prepared and Brooke seems to be excited about all of the choices. 

On set all of the queens get ready to play Snatch Game. Brooke is hosting while Traci and Brad are this season’s contestants. The game kicks off with Venus playing Tiger King’s Joe Exotic, Melinda playing boxer Manny Pacquiao, Aimee playing Jesus, Luna as Real Housewife Mary M. Cosby, Aurora Matrix as child emperor Zhao Bing, Kitten and Nearah both impersonating Jennifer Coolidge side by side, Denim as Julia Fox, and finally Kiki Coe as Elizabeth Taylor. For the most part all of the queens are knocking it out of the park but Aurora’s teeny emperor and Luna’s real housewife are both failing to get laughs from the judges. 

It’s elimination day and some of the queens are feeling good about their performances, especially Melinda who had everyone laughing. Some of the other queens are a little worried and uneasy. While they paint for the main stage they talk about their fears with social media and the current fan culture surrounding Drag Race. Out on the main stage Brooke introduces this week’s panel of judges Traci, Brad, and this week’s extra special guest RPDR icon Jaida Essence Hall. On the runway the category is “Steampunk” and all of the queens strut in their most whimsical fantasy looks. Following the runway Brooke calls Aurora, Venus, Kitten, Luna, Kiki, and Melinda forward and tells them they represent the tops and bottoms of the week. Meaning Nearah, Denim, and Aimee are all safe. 

Critiques start with Kitten and Brooke and Brad commend her take on Jennifer Coolidge. Traci tells her doing the same character as another queen worked to her advantage. Brad loves Kiki’s look on the runway but none of the judges were gagged over her Elizabeth Taylor. All of the judges loved Melinda’s Snatch Game with Traci giving her props on how she played a person who can be hateful without going there. They also loved her runway. Traci liked Aurora’s spider steampunk look but she and Brad both say her Snatch Game was kind of flat. The judges love Luna’s sexy runway look and Brooke tells her that her Snatch Game didn’t work with her sense of humour and in turn, we didn’t get a big performance from her. Finally, Jaida tells Venus she is sickening and Traci loved her as Joe Exotic. All of the judges loved how into it she got without being obnoxious. Based on critiques Brooke announces Melinda, Kitten, and Venus are all tops with Melinda winning this week’s maxi challenge. Kiki, Aurora, and Luna are all in the bottom this week but Melinda can save one of them from lip syncing for their lives.

Backstage the queens congratulate Melinda on her turnaround from last week and she thanks the queens for pushing her to do better. Luna starts and says she feels herself improving from the first week and promises to make it count. Kiki states she’s had a good track record and asks Melinda to not save her based on what happened last week, Aurora says she has turned it out on the runway and based off this week’s critiques alone she didn’t do the worst. Venus says despite what the queens agreed on weeks ago, she would save Aurora if she had the golden beaver. Back out on the runway Melinda reveals that she is giving her beaver to Kiki Coe. Aurora and Luna lip sync for their lives to she’s all i wanna be by Tate McCrae. Both queens use all of the stage to give a passionate performance to the song. After deliberating with the other judges, Brooke announces that Aurora Matrix lives to slay another day, which unfortunately means Luna DuBois has become the third queen to be eliminated this season. 

Next week on Canada’s Drag Race:  The queens compete in the first ever Canada’s Drag Race Lip Sync Slayoff Extravaganza where two queens will be sent home.

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