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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 Episode 4 RECAP: Out Of The Closet

The remaining queens raid Brad Goreski’s closet for a sewing challenge and Vogue writer Christian Allaire is a guest judge…

Last week after an improv mini challenge and the iconic girl group challenge Aurora Matrix was announced as the winner and presented with the coveted golden beaver. She chose to save Kiki Coe from the bottom three which left Kitten Kaboodle and The Girlfriend Experience to battle it out with a lip sync. After a passionate performance from both queens, Girlfriend was eliminated and became the second queen to be sent home this season. This week, the queens get creative with judge Brad Goreski’s old clothes in a sewing challenge. Who will create a masterpiece and who will be the next queen sent home? Let’s find out.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Girlfriend’s elimination. The queens read her lipstick message on the mirror. Over on the couches they congratulate Aurora on her win after a stellar performance and Aurora explains how she chose who to give the golden beaver to. Kiki thanks Aurora for her confidence and vows she is about to unleash on the competition. Venus and Denim are vocal about their disagreement on who was saved with the beaver with Denim saying she was shocked given Kitten’s track record. Kitten shares that she knows in the competition she can’t rely on others, so she’s ok with having to fight for herself. Aimee Yonce shares that she thinks Luna’s performance was low energy and in confessionals Luna believes she is a threat to Aimee. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and the remaining queens are feeling good about starting fresh this week. Around the table a lot of the queens agree that the golden beaver should only be given to a queen once as a single lifeline to prove themselves. Denim reveals in confessionals that she and Aurora have formed a little alliance which they are choosing to keep from the group. Ru interrupts with a video message sprinkling hints about cleaning out their closets to be on top and Brad enters the room to introduce this week’s challenges. Brad tells the queens that this week’s mini challenge is a fierce photoshoot in fun wigs. The queens choose their wig colours one by one and get into quick drag to prepare for their shoots. They all take turns on set to showcase their Got2Be coloured wigs and get a shock when a confetti cannon goes off mid-shoot. Brad announces that the winner of the mini challenge is Nearah! Brad then tells the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge they will have to rummage through Brad’s closet hand-me-downs and turn them into drag-tastic looks that scream “upcycled couture”. 

All of the queens fight over Brad’s old clothes. Some girls go for a colour story and others are more focused on grabbing as much fabric as they can. They make their way to the tables to get to work planning and constructing their looks. Venus took a few sewing classes but can’t remember any of the information. Denim doesn’t sew, but she crochets, so she’s going to try to make knitwear look couture. Luna went to fashion school, which gives her an advantage over some of the other queens. Kitten and Kiki are also both really experienced with making their own looks. Aimee is going for a “fresh out of the shower” look with towels and loofahs which Kiki doesn’t think she can pull off. Nearah is worried that her hot glue skills won’t stack up to the other queens and Melinda takes some time to contemplate her design while sitting on the floor. Brad comes in and gives the queens some pointers on their work so far. The queens get back to work with Brad’s advice and some of them are feeling more confident while others scrap their original ideas for new ones. 

It’s elimination day and everyone only has a couple of hours left to finish their looks and get ready for the runway. Aurora asks the other queens about their coming out stories. Some reveal heartwarming stories about supportive parents and others share the lack of acceptance from their families which made their journeys harder. Luna and Aimee connect with the similarities in their stories and build a friendship off of it. Out on the main stage Brooke introduces this week’s judges Traci, Brad, and this week’s extra special guest Vogue writer and fashion connoisseur Christian Allaire. One by one the queens make their way down the runway in their upcycled couture. Brooke calls Luna, Aurora, and Venus forward to tell them they are safe for the week. This leaves the rest as the tops and the bottoms of the week.

Kitten is up first for critiques and the judges love her campy puffer dress and Brooke says it was a great week for her. Aimee is up next and the judges aren’t loving her towel couture. Christian gives a little praise but Brooke clocks her for not really sticking to the assignment. Brad asks Melinda why she went with a different concept after their chat and says the look doesn’t feel “transformed” enough from its original form as a coat which the other judges agree with. On the other hand, Brooke tells Kiki her garment made her tear up for the first time on the show. All of the judges agree and call it “flawless”. Traci liked Nearah’s presentation but says the look doesn’t read “couture” enough. Christian tells her to scale it back a bit when it comes to showing skin in fashion and Brad wishes it was a little more polished. Finally, the judges tell Denim her runway is a cross between Grey Gardens and Dior, and is one of the best of the week. Based on the critiques Brooke names Kiki Coe as the winner of this week’s maxi challenge with Denim and Kitten both being safe. This leaves Aimee, Melinda, and Nearah as the bottom queens of the week. Kiki can now give the golden beaver to one of the bottom queens to save them from elimination.

Backstage, safe queens Venus, Luna, and Aurora form an alliance before the rest of the queens walk in. They give them a recap of critiques and the bottom three plead their case to Kiki. Nearah starts by saying she still knows she has a lot to give in the competition but Melinda says she’s reached her limit and doesn’t want to be saved by the beaver. She says she doesn’t want it as much, which has some of the other queens a bit upset. Kitten urges her not to let her emotions right now rule her decision but Melinda says she is done with being judged week after week. She goes on a bit of a tangent which contradicts a lot of what she said in the werk room just a day before which has all of the other queens confused. Melinda storms out of the room for a moment. Venus asks Aimee how she is and Aimee tells Kiki she doesn’t want to be saved just because they’re friends and she urges her to use her power right while giving an emotional testimony about how much she wants to still be in the competition. Nearah and Aimee get into a fight over whose look is worse between the two of them. Aimee asks Kiki to save Melinda so they can put on a show.

Back out on the runway Kiki decides to give Melinda the golden beaver and urges her to keep going which has the safe queens GAGGED. Aimee and Nearah are this week’s bottom two and both up for elimination. They lip sync for their life to “Come Through (feat. Lemon)” by Priyanka.

Both queens use their energy from backstage to their performance and both are giving the lip sync their all. Brooke and the judges deliberate and decide this week nobody will be going home. Shantay, they both stay and live to slay another day.

Next week on Canada’s Drag RaceTensions rise in the werk room post-lipsync among the bottom three queens and the girls get ready to play Snatch Game!

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