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The Solution To Shaving Down There

Recently launched, Gillette Intimate is a lineup of grooming tools and skincare products that gives a guy’s region the care it deserves…

The hair down there: whatever your personal approach is to body hair, chances are it has been a struggle and source of anxiety. According to a recent online survey of men ages 18 to 45 commissioned by Gillette, 77* per cent of Canadian men groom their “intimate” area in some sort of way. Of course, that stat raises the question, if so many people who identify as male are grooming their body hair, why aren’t we more open to conversations around pubic hair grooming? 

We talk about the hair on our heads with a great deal of openness, but we aren’t always as forthcoming about body hair, especially pubic hair, a subject that is often thought of as taboo. Well, those days are (hopefully) soon to be long gone. According to that same survey, 64* per cent of men agreed that we should be more open and that male pubic hair grooming should not be taboo to talk about, while another 51* per cent agreed that people now are more open to conversations around pubic hair grooming.

When you get down to it, grooming your body hair is pretty personal. Whether you want to completely get rid of hair, keep it trimmed, or do nothing at all outside of hygiene, depends on your personal preference. But, whichever your choice, be reassured that if you’re into manscaping, you’re certainly not alone. So what are your options when it comes to down there? Should you shave? Should you trim? And what should you be using? We’ve got the answers regardless of whether you choose to trim or shave (or both) down there.

We know that the majority of Canadian men are already grooming their pubic regions, which is why earlier this year Gillette proudly introduced Gillette Intimate, a regimen of grooming tools and skincare products that were specifically designed to give down there the care it deserves. The recently launched lineup consists of grooming tools and skincare products that offer a gentle and easy trim to the pubic region. The collection includes the Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer, which protects against snags, cuts and irritation with a SkinFirst™ cutting system; and the Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Razor, which features a fully rubberized handle, a Flexball™ for better manoeuvrability, and five anti-friction blades for a close and comfortable shave. Complementing the two new Gillette Intimate tools are the Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream + Cleanser, a two-in-one system that works to cleanse, hydrate and protect sensitive pubic skin prior to and during the shave; and the non-greasy Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-Chafe Stick, which can be applied daily after showering to help reduce chafing down there.

The entire line is specifically designed to be gentle on sensitive areas and to make the whole grooming experience way more pleasant. 

“A rapidly growing number of men are grooming their groin area, but until today Gillette didn’t offer products with purpose-built features for such a sensitive and complex job,” says Gary Coombe, CEO of P&G Grooming. “The skin, hair and topography of a guy’s groin is unlike any other area he shaves. Men deserve trusted and tested tools to get the job done – no matter what look they’re going for or why they’re choosing to groom.”

In the past, manscaping has potentially come with risks from improper technique or using the wrong tools: skin irritation, ingrown hair, not to mention the risk of cuts and more serious injuries. In fact, 62* per cent of Canadian men have either hurt themselves shaving or know someone who has, according to Gillette’s online survey. Thankfully, the Gillette Intimate collection has been dermatologist-tested to be a start-to-finish regimen for gentle and easy pubic hair and skin care.

The survey also revealed that 71* per cent of men felt they were not taught how to properly groom intimate areas, which has ultimately led to shave irritation and minor injuries. OOUCH! That’s why the shaving brand is also taking the time to help men educate themselves on safe and easy shaving methods, along with tips and tricks for the task at hand, with a variety of video tutorials on their YouTube page.

These days, no part of the body is off limits – and no matter how much hair you have, or whether you choose to trim or shave (or neither) down there, Gillette Intimate’s lineup of grooming tools and skincare products will help you get the job done right and give  your pubic region the care it deserves.

Gillette Intimate grooming products are available at and at food, drug and mass merchandise stores across the country. 

*METHODOLOGY: Online survey of 500 Canadian men ages 18‐45 across. Total margin of error is +/‐ 4.5%.

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