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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

‘The Gender/Sexuality Journal’ Challenges Readers To Rethink Gender And Sexuality

A new prompt journal is generating substantial online discussion by challenging people to rethink the ways they were taught to understand gender and sexuality…

Gender identity and sexual orientationhave become a major topic in the headlines in recent months. Now, a new prompt journal (also known as a guided journal, designed with a specific purpose) is generating substantial online discussion by challenging people to step back and rethink the ways they were taught to understand both gender and sexuality.

The Gender/Sexuality Journal by Tyra Blizzard, a Canadian social activist and content creator, allows readers to explore their gender and sexuality through guided journalling. In the book, simple statements are designed to inspire and offer an idea of what to write about. Upon the completion of the journal, readers may realize that they exist much further outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality than they originally thought.

The just-released journal is comprised of three different sections for readers to explore at their own pace: Section 1: Sexuality – Socialized as a Girl/Woman; Section 2: Sexuality – Socialized as a Boy/Man; and Section 3: Gender + Pronoun Dressing Room. 

The journal prompts are directly centred around the traditional standards of heteronormativity and the gender binary, to assist readers in dismantling them from the inside out.

The beauty of The Gender/Sexuality Journal is that literally anyonecan use it. Whether you are already comfortable with your gender and sexuality, or are actively questioning, it is worthwhile to remain curious and challenge yourself to explore each aspect of your core identity.

Looking for more? The back cover of The Gender/Sexuality Journal has a unique QR code that connects directly to an online community of introspective people who are just as curious as you are about the mysteries and nuances of gender and sexuality. This code also connects to a variety of helpful resources related to gender-affirming care, trans health care, sexual health, mental health and more. 

“Many of us in the LGBTQ2+ community do not have safe spaces to explore and express ourselves openly,” Blizzard told IN. “However, nothing can prevent us from exploring ourselves internally through guided journalling.”

Blizzard expresses her passion for social justice by initiating important conversations about gender, sexuality, race/racism, sexism, ableism, women in sports and health. Over the course of three years, she has cultivated an ever-growing online community on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Her notable social presence enables people from around the world to gather and navigate the complexities of social/colonial constructs.

“You are not alone. You are valid,” said Blizzard.

The Gender/Sexuality Journal by Tyra Blizzard is available in both paperback and hardcover formats, and retails for $26 and $31, respectively. You can purchase a copy online at

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