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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Episode 12 Recap: Wigloose: The Rusical!

The remaining six queens make their Rusical debut and singer Orville Peck is a guest judge…

Last week Marcia Marcia Marcia said bye bye bye after a lacklustre stand-up comedy challenge in front of a live audience and a truly entertaining lip sync against Anetra. Luxx and Loosey were named the winners of the week for their team effort towards their comedy set. This week the queens will take on another iconic main challenge because it’s RUSICAL week! Who will take centre stage and who will fade into the ensemble? Let’s find out!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Marcia’s elimination. In confessionals Salina says she should have gone home a long time ago. The remaining queens read her lipstick message and over on the couches Mistress congratulates Luxx and Loosey on their double win. Salina thinks that her and Mistress should have won last week’s challenge and she’s now officially the only one who doesn’t have a win under her belt now. Last week was the closest Sasha has gotten to being in the bottom and she doesn’t want to find herself there again, but Luxx thinks it shows that this is still very much anybody’s game.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the final six have almost reached the finish line. Over at the tables Mistress announces that she is exiting her congenial era (lol). Ru enters the room to let them know that this week the queens will be prancing around the stage in Wigloose: The Rusical which is a dragged up version of Footloosebut instead of dancing being banned drag is. The queens are casting the play themselves. Mistress is the only queen in the group who doesn’t have musical theatre experience, which she thinks might set her back this week. There’s a fight for the main character between Luxx and Loosey while the rest of the queens divide the parts pretty fairly. Mistress calls Loosey out for only wanting the main character because she wants to be in the top which opens a whole other fight between Loosey, Luxx, and Mistress.

While the queens read through their lines Ru talks to each of them about their character selections. On the other side of the room Loosey tries to talk to Salina about what happened and Salina kindly tells her that she is being really defensive which is why the other queens get to her. Anetra tells Ru the reason she connected with the role she chose was because a weekend at DragCon did really save her life. Out on the main stage the queens get to work with a choreographer to get all of their steps down. Loosey’s dancing is a little rigid, and Anetra can handle freestyling like a pro, but she has a little trouble picking up the steps. Luxx gives her all to her rehearsal and Salina brings her musical theatre training to the stage. Mistress is nervous and in her head about learning the choreography. 

It’s elimination day and the queens are getting ready for their big opening night. By the mirrors they talk about the laws to ban drag storytime and drag performances in certain states and how backwards and harmful these protests and laws are towards children. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s panel of judges Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guest country superstar Orville Peck. The Rusical is off and Mistress slays her choreography. Salina and Luxx do a great job with their duet and Loosey gives a strong performance. Anetra does a great job with the power ballad. In the end, everybody does a really good job with their characters and performances. 

Following the performance the category on the runway is “Everybody Say Glove” and all of the queens take turns strutting in their best gloved looks. Before critiques the judges commend all of the queens for putting in the werk for an iconic rusical. Critiques start with Loosey. Orville and Michelle loved her in the Rusical and call her runway cute. Ross tells Anetra she was able to take her small part and make it into a big moment and Ru praises her for understanding her role on a deep level. The judges tell Mistress her solo was really well done and Orville loved who different her runway was from her character. Orville also loves how different Luxx’s runway was from the other’s  and all of the judges love her character. She brings up that she originally had Loosey’s role. The judges all loved Salina’s character but had a few notes for her runway. Ross tells Sasha she loves how many risks she’s taken this season during challenges and everyone loves her baseball glove outfits. Ru asks the queens who they think should go home. Loosey says Salina based on track record, Anetra also says Salina, Mistress says Sasha (because she’s a threat), Luxx goes off and says something nice about everyone but chooses Loosey, and Sasha says Luxx or Loosey simply because they are her main competition.

After deliberations Ru announces that the winner of this week’s challenge is Anetra for bringing so much soul to her character. Luxx, Mistress, and Sasha are all safe for the week which leaves Loosey and Salina in the bottom. They lip sync for their lives to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. After an emotional performance Ru chooses to give Loosey another chance and asks Salina to sashay away.

Next week on Drag RaceIt’s drag family makeover week, Luxx and Loosey get into it on the couches, and singer Hayley Kiyoko is a guest judge. 

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