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RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Rosé Releases “Santa Baby” Music Video

“My version pays homage to Eartha Kitt’s, Madonna’s, and Gwen Stefani’s but I make the song my own by peppering in some light percussion and a few string moments…”

Earlier this month, RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Rosé released her own sweet rendition of the classic holiday tune, “Santa Baby.”  Now, Rosé has released a fun new music video to accompany the song.

“I have always adored ‘Santa Baby’,” says Rosé. “I love its naughty, sexy mood, and its femininity. My version pays homage to Eartha Kitt’s, Madonna’s, and Gwen Stefani’s but I make the song my own by peppering in some light percussion and a few string moments. Also, my ‘Santa Baby’ is almost 100% vocal, and the voice is of a cis man.”

In Rosé’s “Santa Baby” video, Santa is depicted as hurdling through the sky, high as a kite, on Christmas Eve. He flies over a snowy forest and pulls over to land for a break. There, he sees a quaint little rosy pink cottage and inside it, the silhouette of a beautiful woman playing music on a gramophone. In a flash, we’re inside the woman’s home, and lo and behold, it’s Rosé! She is the picture of irresistibility and with the help of four sexy men, Rosé launches into a full, bells on performance. She sings and dances, begging Santa to fulfill her Christmas wishes. Old Santa is losing his folly mind over the sexy temptress but at the end of the song, the mysterious cottage vanishes into thin air and, along with Santa, we realize it was all merely an extremely festive hallucination.

The animation in Rosé’s “Santa Baby” was created by Joe Sulsenti of Nickelodeon, and Miles Schlenker of Disney.   The featured dancers are Ryan John, Danny Lopez, Karaj Pettis, and Casey Sheehan. Miguel Zarate choreographed the video. Make-up and costuming is by Rosé.

“The original dress I had planned to wear got lost in the mail,” Rosé explains. “And the day of the shoot, my hair was not giving.” Rosé ended up using alternative choices, but all worked out in the end.  “I’m so glad the Universe pointed me in a new direction because I love the green and ice blonde moment.”

Rosé’s “Santa Baby” is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms. You can watch the video below and on YouTube.

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